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IT Trainer

Job ID: 6471
Position Type: Student Assistant
Pay Range: $10.40-$13.00/Hour
Job Status: Closed

Job Description

An IT Trainer is responsible for conducting various workshops that the ITS Training Program provides for the Cal State L.A. community. Responsibilities include researching, developing and modifying workshop materials assigned by the Lead Supervisor for Training and Digital Documentation.


An IT Trainer must be a team player with above average computer skills, good communication and leadership skills, and the ability to effectively work with a multicultural campus population. An IT Trainer must be prompt, reliable, cooperative, able to take initiative, and willing to learn new skills and concepts. An IT Trainer must possess an overall understanding of the goals and services offered by the ITS Training Program and Information Technology Services (ITS).


  • Prepare training labs prior to and after workshop sessions.
  • Assist workshop participants to stay on task with the workshop instruction.
  • Participate in developing and modifying various training materials such as step-by-step handouts, practice data files, slide shows, screen captures, video tutorials, interactive training materials, quizzes, and learning management system customization.
  • Be willing to learn new concepts and technical skills.
  • Maintain a neat and orderly training lab and work environment.
  • Maintain professionalism and courtesy at all times while working.
  • Display and exhibit proper code of conduct.
  • Report equipment malfunctions and issues with software or hardware according to current protocol.
  • Be able to lecture from prepared text and slide shows for the entire duration of workshops.
  • Clearly present step-by-step instructions to a group of participants.
  • Possess good presentation skills.
  • Be able to take initiative.
  • Possess strong knowledge of Microsoft Office applications and other applications that the ITS Training Program offers.
  • Cross-train other IT Trainers and IT Trainer Assistants in workshop presentation and program administrative functions.
  • Be responsible and knowledgeable in ongoing projects and updated instructional materials.
  • Participate in evaluating IT Trainer Assistant applicants' demonstrations.
  • Assist in the diagnostic of desktop software programs.
  • Attend quarterly meetings with supervisors and other colleagues.
  • Distribute advertising materials to faculty members, academic departments, and administrative offices.
  • Participate in relevant University events to promote the services offered by the ITS Training Program and Information Technology Services (ITS).
  • Perform other duties as assigned.


Periodic performance evaluations are conducted by the Lead Supervisor for Training and Digital Documentation.

Reports To

Lead Supervisor for Training and Digital Documentation
ITS Training Program
Information Technology Services (ITS)


5151 State University Drive . Los Angeles . CA 90032 . 323-343-3000
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