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Telephone Services Request

Use this form for basic telephone changes, including the following:

  • Installing or upgrading a telephone
  • Telephone relocation between two existing jacks
  • Adding or deleting telephone features
  • Request a data jack
  • Request a new voice mailbox
  • Requesting a telephone calling card
  • Requesting a telephone authorization code

A separate form must be submitted for each user or office location.

For major department or division relocations, work area renovations, and new cable, wiring and jacks, please use the Telecommunications Relocations Request.

By submitting this request, I understand that any charges for new or upgraded equipment will be charged to the reporting unit indicated below. Current standard rates are available by clicking on Equipment and Rates in the adjoining menu.

Complete all information with the * and click Submit at the bottom of the page.

Contact Information






Service Request Information *  

Telephone Equipment      

Telecommunications Lines, Jacks and Network Connections

Telephone Features

Do you want the line to:

Special Telephone Features

By submitting this request, the department acknowledges its responsibility for payment of any telephone charges billed against these cards/codes. Any charges, including fraudulent ones resulting from loss or theft are the department's sole responsibility. The department must notify ITS immediately upon employee's termination.

The holder must treat the card/code as Level 1 confidential information, and follow all University standards and guidelines related to the handling of such information.

Call card holders must appear in person in LIB B B-10 to present their Golden Eagle Card and sign an acknowledgement of receipt and acceptance of responsibilities

Service Location Information

(If different from Contact Information):



Is the office locked?      

Is the office equiped with an alarm?      

If yes, contact information:

Description of the work requested

Billing Information *  

Complete this section for all work requests involving new or upgraded equipment, or services, for which there are billable costs. An explanation of current standard rates is available by clicking on Equipment and Rates.

By submitting this request, I understand that any charges for new or upgraded equipment will be charged to this reporting unit. By submitting this request, the contact above verifies that fiscal approval for this request has been granted by the appropriate administrator.

Contact the ITS Help Desk at 323-343-6170 if you have questions or need further information.

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