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What is LanSchool?

LanSchool is a commercially produced and easy-to-use software solution for teaching and training using networked PCs.  It helps instructors manage multiple student PCs in electronic classrooms from the instructor console. Using this tool, instructors can remotely control, monitor, share, restrict, etc. student work stations in a lab environment.

Features of LanSchool

You, as the instructor, can do the following:

  • Reduce Student Distractions
    • Blank-out student screens
    • Limit extraneous applications and web browsing
  • Monitor Students
    • View all screens as thumbnails
    • Ascertain what current applications are being used
    • Send messages to all or individual students
  • Assess Student Understanding
    • True/False and multiple-choice polling is built-in
  • Help Indvidual Students
    • Answer individual questions from students and/or start a dialogue
  • Access the Teacher Console Remotely
  • Using an exernal device such as an iPad on wi-fi, access the teacher console

Training videos of this product can be found at

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