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OAL Wireless Printing for Returning Macintosh Users

  • If you have been printing with the old Pharos system (before Winter 2014), you will need to remove those wireless printers and drivers from System Preferences.. → Print & Scan. Select each printer then use the minus sign to delete them and their drivers.

  • Delete printer from System Preferences
  • The new Pharos System has a new job pop-up. You need to remove the old pop-up by running the Pharos Uninstaller:

    1. Using Finder go to to the directory /Library/Application Support/Pharos/Utilites and double-click on the uninstaller.

    2. Download popup
    3. Select "Pharos Popup" and any other components and click Continue.

    4. Download popup
    5. There will be a pop-up for selected items. Click Continue.

    6. Download popup
    7. Type-in the adminstrator username and password when requested.
    8. and press Enter and, when completed, Done.
      Download popup
      Download popup
  • Before installing this Client software, please verify that your system meets these minimum system requirements below.

System Requirements

  • Macintosh OS 10.3 or later including 10.9.

Instructions and Downloads

In this procedure you will need to download and install this program (double-click).

  1. The download will give you this pop-up. Select Save File then click OK.

  2. Download popup
  3. In your download location, double-click on the .dmg file.

  4. .dmg icon
  5. Another folder will appear with some files. Double-click on Popup.dmg.

  6. .pkg icon
  7. The installer will appear. Click on Continue.

  8. Installer first page
  9. Click on Continue.

  10. Pharos Popup explanation
  11. Click on Install.

  12. Start to install page
  13. Type-in an administrative ID and Password for your MacBook then click Install Software.

  14. Admin authentication popup
  15. At the end click Close.

  16. The installation was successful
  17. To be able to print, you'll need to be sure you have installed the HP Printer Software Update 2.16.1 from Apple Update.
    • Run Apple Update ( Apple Icon → Software Update).
      Apple Update
    • If you don't see this update, check if you've already installed it by clicking Apple Icon → About This Mac → More Info... → System Report → Software → Installations.

    • The installations
    • If this still fails, you'll need to download it from the Apple Software Update Download Location and install it.
  18. Otherwise, in System Preferences → Print & Scan two network printers should appear and be available.

  19. New System Preferences Print & Scan page
  20. Everything is now in place. Depending on what application you're in (such as Word), start your print process.
  21. Select a Pharos printer to print your job which will give you the Popup.
    Prompt for User ID Top
  22. Enter your myCSULA Identity ID and click Continue.
    Prompt for account password
  23. Enter your password and click Print.
  24. Go to the release station.
    Print release station
  25. Tap the screen of the station next to the printer.
    Tap release station screen to begin use
  26. Swipe your card.
    Sample list of print jobs in queue
  27. On the screen, tap the desired print job to select it, then tap Print. When finished tap Exit.
    Sample error message
  • Note 1: Problems with your card (such as an old one) will trigger the above error. Go to Golden Eagle Center to resolve this issue.
    Sample message stating you are using another print release station
  • Note 2: You can use only one Print Release Station at a time.


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