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Vulnerability Assessment

Project Description

Technology by default is insecure and the University must ensure that implementing new technology does not introduce new or additional risk to students or the campus. New devices (laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.) are network-centric and vulnerable to cyber attacks. ITS routinely uses tools and resources to conduct security assessments before integrating and implementing new technology. This vulnerability assessment project provides for independent security verification in all critical phases of student success fee project implementation, including post-implementation review of projects' integrity.

Student Benefits

Cyber attacks can be costly, disruptive and time-consuming to resolve. Fraud and identity theft are often the direct result of insufficient or inadequate network security measures. Regular vulnerability assessments are an important step in protecting our students from these threats.

Project Status

Vulnerability assessment is not a static project with a specific beginning and end. Instead it requires continual observation, acquisition and implementation of appropriate tools, activity monitoring, assessment of data, anticipation of threats and immediate response to vulnerabilities and incidents. Tools required for the initial five student success fee projects have been purchased and are currently in place. Going forward, additional resources will be evaluated and, if deemed appropriate, will be added to the current set of vulnerability tools.

Measuring success

Going forward, ITS will update the measures of success for this project. Please check back often to view the assessments and our progress toward student success.

Each quarter ITS will update the status of the following three measurements:

Measurement Value Status
Technical implementation
  • Acquisition of security assessment tools for the first five student success fee projects was completed July 2012.
Perception of value and usefulness See note below.
Quantitative Data Analysis

Note: We welcome your feedback on the Vulnerability Assessment, as well as any of the other five student success fee projects. Click on Contact ITS at the bottom of the web page to submit feedback.

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