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myCSULA Tools (Anywhere, On-demand Software Applications)

Project Description

As the notion of ubiquitous computing continues to evolve rapidly, the challenge is to deliver applications as an on-demand service to any CSULA student, in any location, at any time, on any device. The answer to this challenge is an exciting new student service offering - myCSULA Tools

myCSULA Tools provides virtual instances of many software applications to students in any location with an Internet connection. These applications can be run on a variety of devices, including PCs, MACs, iPads, Android tablets, iPhones, Android phones, and a host of other devices. The only limiting factor is whether the screen on the device can display the results in a readable fashion and whether the application is available for the device. There is little set-up on the device and there is no need to have a software license for the product. And students can run the entire desktop operating system through myCSULA Tools.

In addition to the ease of use, myCSULA Tools is fully secure. There is a dedicated firewall, SSL security and granular access rights. myCSULA Tools programs run on a server secured within the CSULA data center, with only results shown on the student's device. All communications between the device and the campus server are encrypted. Also each student's activities are retained separately from everyone else's, so there is no concern for others on the server being allowed to see another student's work.

How Do I Get Started?

myCSULA Tools can be launched from the following URL using your myCSULA Identity account:

Setup instructions for myCSULA Tools are available at


There is a YouTube video posted at, which will show you how to install and use myCSULA Tools on a PC. 

Measuring success

Going forward, ITS will update the measures of success for this project. Please check back often to view the assessments and our progress toward student success.

Each quarter ITS will update the status of the following three measurements:

Measurement Value Description
Technical implementation Status of the implementation and any subsequent upgrades or updates. New enhancements as they become available for students.
Perception of value and usefulness (We welcome your feedback on the myCSULA Tools project, as well as any of the other five student success fee projects. Click on "Contact ITS" at the bottom of the web page to submit feedback.

Quantitative Data Analysis Usage data, traffic data or other quantitative data that outlines trends or provides a measurement of success.
  • Technical Implementation Status

    The initial launch date for myCSULA Tools was September 19, 2012. The initial phase included Microsoft 2010 versions of Word, Excel, Access, Visio, PowerPoint and Project, Internet Explorer 8 and 9, Windows 7 virtual desktop, along with some applications previously available solely in the Open Access Labs. Over the fall quarter, ChemDraw and Visual Studio Professional 2010 were added.

    As an unexpected bonus, software licensing concessions allowed ITS to offer some of the same software titles to faculty and staff for remote access. Software licensing restrictions on the various products guide the University in determining who can access the software.

    Here's a comprehensive list of the available software at the end of fall quarter 2012:

    Product Version Available Student Faculty Staff
    Microsoft Word 2010 now
    Microsoft Excel 2010 now
    Microsoft Access 2010 now
    Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 now
    Microsoft Project Professional 2010 now
    Microsoft Visio Professional 2010 now
    Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 now
    Internet Explorer 9 9 now
    SQL Plus now
    SPSS now
    Mathematica now
    SAS now
    Matlab now
    ChemDraw now
    ArcMap now
    Window 7 virtual desktops now

    • What's Coming Next

      ITS is working to obtain licensing for the Office 2013 products and both the 2010 and 2013 versions of Microsoft OneNote. We will also work with faculty to identify additional applications that can be added to myCSULA Tools.

      The vendor whose technology ITS leverages to provide myCSULA Tools, is expected to release an update that will support a virtualized Windows 8 desktop. After appropriate testing, this feature will be available for students, faculty and staff.

      Following is a list of the software currently undergoing testing or in negotiation for licensing. It is anticipated these will all become available during 2013.

      Product Version Available Student Faculty Staff
      Microsoft OneNote 2010 Winter Quarter 2013
      Microsoft Word 2013 Winter Quarter 2013
      Microsoft Excel 2013 Winter Quarter 2013
      Microsoft Access 2013 Winter Quarter 2013
      Microsoft OneNote 2013 Winter Quarter 2013
      Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 Winter Quarter 2013
      Microsoft Project Professional 2013 Winter Quarter 2013
      Microsoft Visio Professional 2013 Winter Quarter 2013
  • User Feedback

    From the YouTube video site: Excellent set of tools and nice video introducing it.

  • Quantitative Data Analysis

    ITS is using a computer lab software tracking application to understand total application usage, total number of users and application specific usage. The chart below represents statistics for Academic Year 2012/13. It will be updated periodically to reflect current statistics.

    most launches

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