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2004 A Joint-Control Analysis of Generalized Abstract Responding

2000 Word Meaning: A verbal behavior account

1999  Joint Control and Rule Following:  An Analysis of Purpose

1995  Verbal Processes in Relational Matching to Sample

1993 The Construction of Cognitive Functions from Behavioral Relations


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2004    Meaning: A verbal behavior account.

1998    Some logical functions of joint control.

1997     The role of joint control in the development of naming

1996    Joint control and word-object bidirectionality

1995   Generalized Instructional control and the production of broadly applicable relational responding

1992    Joint control and generalized nonidentity matching:  Saying when something is not

1991    Joint control and the generalization of selection-based verbal behavior.

1989    Instructional control of generalized relational matching to sample in children.

1988    Generalization of delayed identity matching in retarded children.

1984    Coding responses and the generalization of matching to sample in children.


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 1996   A developmental account of joint control in the idiom of Horne & Lowe (1996)