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Professor Emeritus of Biological Sciences

Theodore J. Crovello
Immediate Past Dean

California State University, Los Angeles
5151 State University Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90032

Cell: 626-840-9748

Selected Administrative Accomplishments as Dean at Cal State L.A. 

Provided leadership to faculty and students in all postbaccalaureate education areas.

  • New Joint Doctoral degree implemented and several others in various discussion stages.
  • New Master’s degrees have been approved, including interdisciplinary and “Professional Science” Master’s degrees.
  • Contributed to the revision and evaluation of numerous Master’s degrees and helped develop new options within several degrees.
  • Proposed and received approval and funding for the “Grad Excel” Program, a multiyear program supported by the President and Provost to provide graduate assistantships and related support to about ten Master’s programs that were at a critical point and ready to move to the next level of program quality and graduate student size.

Provided leadership and service to faculty in the preparation and award of externally funded grants and contracts.

  • Increased total externally funded, peer-reviewed awards from $6 million in 1987 to over $36 million per year in 2003
  • Initiated the successful Seed Grant Program to provide faculty time to prepare and submit major, nationally competitive grant proposals.
  • Instituted the Institutional Grant Advocacy Program at Cal State L.A. to assure quality multimillion dollar proposals and effective completion of subsequent awards.
  • Maintained and expanded the network of granting agency administrators familiar with Cal State L.A. both to allow the campus to learn about grant competitions being developed at the agencies and to help increase the quality and thus success of proposals submitted by our faculty (e.g., NSF, NASA, NOAA, NIH).

Provided leadership to organize and utilize our campus strengths concerning China.

  • Received presidential approval in Fall 2001 to proactively develop and put to use Cal State L.A.’s campus strengths related to China (the most important being about 75 bilingual faculty interested in involving our students and in professional development).
  • Initiated the Cal State L.A. – China Forum (including speakers from the National Science Foundation, the Consulate of China and off-campus scholars).
  • Contributed significantly to increased faculty morale and desire to explore academic activities with colleagues in China, including those involving our students.
  • Increased external grants and contracts from external agencies that involve China from sources including the U.S. and China National Science Foundations and increasingly with full indirect costs.
  • Brought to completion three formal interuniversity agreements with two others pending.
  • Brought the Annual Conference of Chinese Higher Education Administrators or Cal State L.A. on a permanent basis, producing valuable byproducts such as increased visibility in campuses throughout China and among campuses within the Los Angeles region.
  • Established positive Cal State L.A. visibility and working relationships with the U.S. Embassy in Beijing and the Chinese Embassy in Los Angeles.

Served as Principal Investigator on university-related external grants from federal agencies to support equity and excellence in science education.

  • National Science Foundation “ACCESS Center:” a 5-year, approximately $4 million award to integrate science, math, engineering and technology education activities on six California State University campuses, their feeder high schools and private industry.
  • NSF CSEMS award to support students in these areas at the university and community college levels.

Served as the Provost’s Oversight Administrator for 25 presidentially chartered centers and institutes on campus.

  • Provided general advocacy and leadership to each center’s director and to the deans to whom they reported.
  • Encouraged and help develop five additional presidential centers.
  • Created or expanded campus policies and procedures related to presidential centers.

Created and served as first Director of the campus Office of Science, Engineering and Math Education (SEM-Ed) with the following goals:

  • Promote success of our students and projects in this field.
  • Disseminate information about SEM-Ed programs.
  • Contribute to recruitment and retention of SEM students.
  • Provide general publicity about the 40+ SEM-Ed federally or locally supported programs.
  • Collect data about SEM-Ed programs and SEM students (to assist proposal writers, to meet grant reporting requirements, etc.).
  • Increased communication among SEM-Ed PIs and between SEM and the rest of the campus.

Contributed to campus and unit strategic and tactical planning.

  • Spearheaded the first extensive graduate enrollment plan, including in depth data analysis and interpretation, and worked with each school to help implement it.
  • Instituted or contributed to strategic and tactical general planning at most university levels.