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Professor Emeritus of Biological Sciences

Theodore J. Crovello
Immediate Past Dean

California State University, Los Angeles
5151 State University Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90032

Cell: 626-840-9748


  • Syracuse University. B.S. Magna Cum Laude (1962)
  • State University of New York, College of Forestry. BS Magna Cum Laude (1962)
  • The University of California, Berkeley. Ph.D. (1966)
    (Thesis research was perhaps the first to use quantitative methods and computers in plant classification)
  • The University of Kansas (1966-67) Postdoctoral Fellow with Dr. Robert R. Sokal
    (A focus on multivariate analysis and computers in environmental biology).
  • Stanford University (1985-86) Sabbatical Year
    (To study intelligent tutoring systems; joint appointment in Stanford’s School of Education and in its Computer Science Department’s Knowledge Systems Laboratory)