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"Full-Frontal Morality: The Naked Truth about Gender"

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Talia Bettcher

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Research Interests

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I am interested in contemporary issues related to gender, sexuality, race, and the self. I currently focus on the nature of transphobic violence and its relationship to sexual violence and racial oppression.

Edited Collections
Transgender Studies and Feminism: Theory, Politics, and Gender Realities (special issue of Hypatia) co-edited with Ann Garry. Forthcoming Summer 2009. Click for table of contents and Introduction.

Articles and Chapters
"Trans Identities and First Person Authority" in You've Changed: Sex Reassignment and Personal Identity (ed. Laurie Shrage), Oxford University Press, 2009, 98-120.
"Pretenders to the Throne" a commentary on Alice Dreger's "The controversy surrounding The Man Who Would Be Queen: A case history of the politics of science, identity, and sex in the internet age," Archives of Sexual Behavior (June 2008), 430-433. Author's Draft.
"Evil Deceivers and Make-Believers: On Transphobic Violence and the Politics of Illusion" Hypatia: A Journal of Feminist Philosophy, vol. 22, no.3 (Summer 2007), 43-65.
"Gender, Identity, Theory, and Action" in Gender Identity, Equity and Violence (ed. Geraldine Stahly), monograph series Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Enduring Societal Issues, Stylus Publications, 2007, 11-24.
"Appearance, Reality, and Gender Deception: Reflections on Transphobic Violence and the Politics of Pretence" in Violence, Victims, and Justifications (ed. Felix Murchadha), Peter Lang Press, 2006, 175-200.
"Understanding Transphobia: Authenticity and Sexual Abuse" in Trans/Forming Feminisms: Transfeminist Voices Speak Out (ed. Krista Scott-Dixon), Sumach Press, 2006, 203-10.
"Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender/Transsexual Individuals" - Chapter on LGBT issues and public health (co-authored with Emilia Lombardi). Social Injustice and Public Health (eds. Barry Levy and Victor Sidel), Oxford University Press, 2005, 130-144.

Dictionary/Encyclopedia Entries
"Feminist Perspectives on Trans Issues" invited for Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2009.


I focus on the immaterialist philosophy of George Berkeley (1685-1753). I am especially interested in his views about consciousness and the soul. Publications include:

Berkeley: A Guide for the Perplexed. Continuum Publishing, 2008. Sample Chapter.
Berkeley's Philosophy of Spirit: Consciousness, Ontology, and the Elusive Subject. Continuum Publishing, 2007. Sample Chapter

Articles and Chapters

Abstraction: Berkeley Against Locke” in Berkeley's Lasting Legacy: 300 Years Later (ed. Bertil Belfrage and Timo Airaksinen), Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2010 (forthcoming). Draft

"Berkeley and Hume on the Self and Self-Consciousness" in Topics in Early Modern Philosophy of Mind (ed. Jon Miller), Springer Verlag, 2009, 195-224.
 "Berkeley's Dualistic Ontology" Analisis Filosofico 28:2 (2008), 147-174.

"Berkeley on Self-Consciousness" in New Interpretations of Berkeley's Thought (ed. Stephen Daniel), Journal of the History of Philosophy Books Humanity Press, 2008, 197-201.

Dictionary/Encyclopedia Entries
Entries on T.E. Jessop and A.A. Luce in Thoemmes' Dictionary of Twentieth Century British Philosophers (General Editor: Professor Stuart Brown), Thoemmes Continuum, 2005, 474-5 and 590-3.


Teaching Interests

I teach graduate seminars on the British Empiricists, Early Modern Philosophy of Self, and Contemporary Philosophy of Self. I have also taught a graduate seminar on Queer Theory and Feminism ("Theorizing Genders and Sexualities"). At the undergraduate level, I regularly teach the History of Modern Philosophy (Descartes through Kant) as well as other courses which allow me to focus on some of these major figures in greater detail. I often teach a course on the Philosophy of George Berkeley (Phil 458/510). I also teach the GE courses "Philosophy, Gender and Culture" (Phil 327) and "Meanings of Human Life: A Multicultural Approach" (Phil 230). In these latter courses, I use service-learning as a way to help students see the connections between philosophy and the everyday world. I have also taught several courses at UCLA including the interdisciplinary "Introduction to Transgender Studies" for the LGBT Studies Program.

I am currently teaching Phil 513.Click on course for e-syllabus.

Educational Background

• Ph.D., UCLA, Philosophy, 1999
• B.A., Glendon College, York University, Toronto, Canada, Philosophy, 1991

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