CIS 283
Section 1
Fall 2012
Introduction to Application Programming with Java


Fall 2012, Salazar Hall C363, Mondays & Wednesdays 4:20pm-6:00pm

Prerequisite: CIS 100 or permission of instructor.

Objectives: This course will provide an introduction to the Java programming language and the techniques for writing high-quality programs. It helps students to develop problem solving skills and solve problems using programming languages. Students are introduced to fundamentals of programming with emphasis on primitive data types, control statements, methods, arrays, Java graphics, and Applets. Students will also learn object-oriented programming by reusing software through a collection of Java predefined classes and developing their own classes. The goals of the Introduction to Application Programming are that stuudents, by mastering the topics presented in this course, gain valuable problem solving skills and programming techniques that will enable them to become proficient in elementary programming.

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