Concept to Market, 2008

Class Website

Interesting Websites

NPR's Talk of the Nation on Drug Test Cowboys

Healthcare Communications Group
(company that recruits participants for clinical trials)

World Health Organization (WHO)

Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

AdvaMed - Trade Organization for Medical Device Companies
Website recommended by Mr. Jon Whited.  You can go to this website to join.

St. Jude Medical

Food and Drug Administration
From this webpage you can link to CDER, CBER, and  CDRH

International Conference on Harmonization

FDA Website for using eCTD (Common Technical Document)

Brief history of patenting (or not) the Home Pregnancy Test, developed at NIH

    Lots of background on the Pharmaceutical Product Development Pipeline

Southern California Biomedical Council
 (a resource for the biotech/medical device industry in the Greater LA Area)

Pasadena Angels
(a resource website for entrepreneurs just starting out)

    Gilead Sciences
    Molecular Express

    Medtronic MiniMed

DNA Patent Database

United States Patent and Trademark Office

Genetic Engineering News

International Bioscience
a website with info about making your idea into a commercial success

Career Ideas
Bioportfolio Bio2000 Database  (This site has lots of information on jobs!)
BioSpace Jobs
Bio View    (This site also has lot of job information.)
CSUPERB Career Sites (Go to home page and click on Career Sites in the left menu.)
Orange County Regulatory Affairs Discussion Group   (This site has links to jobs and training programs for regulatory affairs.)
Southern California Biomedical Council (a trade group of LA area biotech and medical device companies)
Vertical Worklife   (Try typing a search word such as "Pharmaceutical" into the search box.)

Also, try googling individual companies and checking out their "careers" page.
Also, try looking at the Genetic Engineering News website (link above).