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Stephen K. Pollard, PhD.

My Consulting Positions in the United States

2002 to the Present

Employer: Self-Employed

Los Angeles, CA

Title: Consultant

Numerous statistical, financial and information technology projects involving sales and use tax audits, development and implementation of sales and use tax compliance sytems, inventory systems and controls, and forecasting. 

1997 to 2001

Employer: Harcourt Online

Monterey, CA

Title: Consultant

Reviewed materials for Principles of Economics course on CD-ROM; Developed interactive web exercises and database of internet  sites, evaluation of Harcourt Online University. 

April 1988 to December 1988

Employer: Barton-Aschmen Associates, Inc.

75 N. Fair Oaks Ave. Pasadena, CA 91109

Title: Consultant

Responsibility: Evaluation of the impact of Metro Rail on truck deliveries and pickups of selected businesses in downtown Los Angeles. Designed survey sampling method and frames. Carried out a statistical analysis of the survey data to determine the likelihood of increased delivery and pick up loading and unloading times due to the presence of Metro Rail construction.

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