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Stephen K. Pollard, PhD.

My Consulting Positions in Asia

Employer: The Ohio State University, Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology, Columbus, Ohio 43210

Title: Consultant

Responsibility: Reviewed two ongoing rural financial market projects in the Philippines under the direction of the Philippine Institute for Development Studies and the Agricultural Credit Policy Council of the Philippines. Examined theoretical and econometric models currently used and proposed strategies, with the staff of these groups, to further develop and enhance theoretical models that can be statistically tested. Specific areas included savings mobilization strategies, borrowers and bank transactions costs, competitiveness of rural banking and credit demand. A seminar on the "demand for credit" was also presented at ACPC.

June 1987 to December 1987 (June and July 1987 and October and November 1987 in Sri Lanka)

Employer: FAO Investment Center, DDC, Rome, Italy

Title: Consultant

Responsibility: Review of the efficiency and performance of rural financial markets in Sri Lanka and identification of favorable and detrimental policies acting upon them. Assessed banking policies, practices and procedures with special attention to viability of the institutions, competitiveness of institutional rural banking with urban commercial banking, economic relevance of interest rates and margins, true transaction costs of credit to banks and recipients, credit demand from various rural subsectors and degree of dependence of the rural banking system on outside support. Examined with government officials strategies to further develop an efficient, self supporting rural banking system.

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