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Stephen K. Pollard, PhD.

My Consulting Positions in Africa

Employer: Mangosuthu Technikon

Title: Consultant

Responsibility: Trained faculty in how to deliver curriculum over the internet using web based and real time communication tools.  Developed, in conjunction with Technikon administrators plans for reorganization of academic computing services and strategic directions of academic programs using technology.

July 1992 to October 1992 (July 1992 and August 1992 in Kenya and Rwanda)

Employer: The World Council of Credit Unions, Madison WI 53710

Title: Team Leader and Consultant

Responsibility: Team leader of a project design team to develop a project proposal for WOCCU and ACCOSCA. Project developed was a market based approach for financial and institutional strengthening of credit unions in Africa. The project emphasized promotion of market opportunities and awareness, reforming financial policies, safety and soundness, technical assistance, and development of new products and services. Attended the ACCOSCA National Managers' Workshop. Presented a seminar on new directions of the African credit union movement.

May 1992 to June 1992

Employer: The World Council of Credit Unions, Madison WI 53710

Title: Consultant

Responsibility: Developed, in conjunction with WOCCU/African Team, a strategic marketing and business plan for the next ten years for WOCCU African programs. The plan is based on a service to members approach and emphasizes a market based, incentives focused approach designed to strengthen existing institutions, promote safety and soundness, improve existing products, and develop new products and services.

March 1992 to April 1992 (March 1992 and April 1992 in Kenya and Mauritius)

Employer: The World Council of Credit Unions, Madison WI 53710

Title: Consultant

Responsibility: Team leader of evaluation team undertaking a review of WOCCU/USAID project with ACCOSCA. Analyzed project achievements with respect to goals and stated outputs. Evaluated the state of the credit union movement in Africa with respect to financial policies and practices, membership, legislative constraints, training, promotion, and information systems. Evaluated the monitoring and evaluation (M&E) procedures of the project. Explored ways in which M&E procedures could be enhanced. Identified and recommended strategies to improve the effectiveness of ACCOSCA in meeting the needs of the African Credit Union Movement.

February 1992 to June 1992 (February 1992 in The Gambia)

Employer: The Ohio State University, Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology, Columbus, Ohio 43210

Title: Consultant

Responsibility: Review of macroeconomic and monetary policies and the financial sector of The Gambia. Analyzed Central Bank policies effect on the sectoral allocation of credit and the level of interest rates. Evaluated the adequacy of the structure of the financial system, savings mobilization and sectoral demand for credit. Identified strategies that can foster growth of financial services and improve efficiency of the banking system.

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