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Steven Swann Jones

Office: 404 E&T
Phone: 343-4100


I am currently Chair of the Department of Liberal Studies.  I have been a Professor of English at Cal State L.A. since 1983 and served as Chair of the Department of English from 2000-2005.  My areas of interest include folklore and mythology, children's literature, American literature, and creative writing.


Courses I teach include ENGL 482, The Bible as Literature, ENGL 425, Epic and Legend, ENGL 200A, The Classical and Medieval Tradition, ENGL 430, Children's Literature, and ENGL 258, Mythology in Literature. I occasionally offer undergraduate and graduate seminars in folklore and literature, such as Folktale and American Literature, Myth Criticism, and Legend and American Literature.


My main research involves comparative literature, in particular analyzing the underlying structure and thematic continuities in folk narratives, such as myths, legends, and fairy tales, as well as examining the incorporation of folklore in literature.  I have published three books and over a dozen articles on these subjects. My most recent publication is an article in Western Folklore, entitled "Turning the Screw: Folklore in James's Fiction."  I also have written screenplays, do coverage for a production company, and have several screen credits.

Representative Professional Activities



2000 "Turning the Screw: Folklore in James's Fiction." Western Folklore
1995 The Fairy Tale: The Magic Mirror of Imagination. New York, Twayne Publishing.
1990 The New Comparative Method: Structural and Symbolic Analysis of the Allomotifs of "Snow White."  Helsinki, Finland: Academia Scientiarum Fennica.
1985 Folklore and Literature in the United States. New York, Garland Publishing.
1980 "The Enchanted Hunters: Nabokov's Use of Folk Characterization in Lolita." Western Folklore


Ph.D. English and Folklore 1979
University of California, Davis

Davis, CA

B.A. English 1971
Haverford College
Haverford, PA

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