March, 2007


                                        Stuart Fischoff, Ph.D

                                                 2 Sasamac Rd.

                                            Carbondale, IL   62903

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BA, Penn State University, State College, PA

Ph.D. Graduate Faculty, The New School for Social Research

Dissertation Topic: Effects of ego - involvement, reference group influence and membership status on outcomes in an experimental simulation of inter-group negotiations.



Professor (Emeritus), Psychology, California State University, Los Angeles and Director, Media Psychology Lab. 1972-2003.

Consultant for the creation of the nation’s first doctoral program in Media Psychology, Fielding Graduate Institute, Santa Barbara. CA.  2003-2004

Senior Editor, Journal of Media Psychology, 1996-present.



Clinical Psychologist (#PSY4658), California, 1976



Fellow, Division 46, American Psychological Association. 

Meritorious Service.  Division of Media Psychology, American Psychological Association, 1995.

Lifetime Achievement Award, Division of Media Psychology, American Psychological Association, 2006



Instituted nation's first university course in Media Psychology, Winter, 1990, and introduced a courses in The Psychological Impact of Film, Spring, 1997, The Psychological Impact of Television, Spring, 2001, and Psychological Impact of Television, Summer 2002, CSULA.

Established nation's first university-based Media Psychology Laboratory, January, 1996, CSULA.

Founded Journal of Media Psychology, Spring, 1996.  Went on-line Spring, 1998.

Established first MA Degree with Media Psychology Emphasis, Fall, 2001,CSULA.

Chaired 15 MA thesis committees on media psychology-related topics.

Program Consultant, Fielding Graduate Institute: helped to design and establish the first Doctorate program  in Media Psychology in U.S. 2003



Phoenix Methadone Maintenance Clinic, Los Angeles. Psychotherapist, 1977-1980.



American Psychological Association (APA)

Division 46 (Media Psychology), APA

Division 10 (Creativity and the Arts), APA

Writers Guild of America, West (WGAw)



Evaluating the effects of media on the mental health field.  Symposium, APA Convention, New York, 1987.

Discussant, APA Committee on Film and Other Media presentation of film Miles To Go....  APA Convention, New York, 1987.

Psychological research and a black hole called Hollywood.  APA Convention, Atlanta, 1988.

Panel Discussant, Who is controlling your children: Issues in TV programming. APA Convention, New Orleans 1989.

Treatment of Victims in Film. APA Convention, Boston, 1990.

A Psychologist in Hollywood: Beyond good and evil. APA Convention, Boston, 1990.

Character development and psychology in screenwriting.  UCLA Extension, Westwood, CA., Jan., 1991.

Panel Discussant, Radio talk-show psychology: Is it ethical?  Ingleside Hospital Debate Series, April, 1991.

Treatment of Villains in Film, APA Convention, San Francisco, 1991.

Germans and Jews: getting beyond guilt and blame.  Speech presented before the German-American Cultural Society, Los Angeles. (1992). 

Discussant, Symposium On "The Portrayal Of Psychotherapists In The Media" Los Angeles County Psychological Association Convention, 1992.

Panel DiscussantWhy people appear on tabloid talk showsUCLA Dept. of Motion Pictures and Television, December 8, 1992.

Invited Address: Technophobia in the Workplace.  Kansas Conference on Social Welfare, April 11, 1994.

Race and sex differences in patterns of film attendance and avoidance.  APA Convention, Los Angeles, August 15, 1994.

TV Addiction:  Hypothetical construct or semantic fiction.  APA Convention, Los Angeles, August 15, 1994.  With R. Lotto and R. Agamyan.

Invited Address: Hollywood and its Historical Addiction to Substance Abuse. Symposium On The Portrayal Of Substance Abuse In The Media.  Los Angeles County Psychological Association Convention, October, 1994.

Discussant, Symposium on Talkshows: Media Influencing the Public & the Public Influencing the Media.  APA Convention, Toronto, 1996.

Invited Address: The issue of Censorship in the Mass Media.   Symposium on Media Psychologists Confronting Critical Issues:. APA Convention, Toronto, 1996

Perceived Credibility of News Sources As A Function of News Focus.  APA Convention, Toronto, 1996.

Favorite Films and Film Genres As A Function of Race, Age, and Gender.  APA Convention, Chicago, 1997.

Discussant, Symposium : Psychology, Race, and the Media.  APA Convention, Chicago, 1997.

Gangsta’ Rap and A Murder in Bakersfield. APA Convention, Chicago, 1997

Discussant, Symposium: Psychologists Love to Laugh at Themselves--Not! (and Why Not). APA Convention, Chicago, 1997

Favorite Film Choices: Influences of Beholder and the Beheld.  APA Convention, San Francisco, August, 1998.

Invited Address: The state of Media Psychology. UCSB, Dept. of Psychology’s Speakers Program, Oct. 9, 1998.

Invited Address: Stalking the Media-Violence Connection (and Other Obsessions of Psychology).  APA Convention, Boston, 1999.

Offensive Racial Cliches in Movies: Drugs, Sex, and Sensitivity.  APA Convention, Boston, 1999.  With Ana Franco, Elaine Gram, Angela Hernandez, and James Parker.

Invited Paper: Psychologists, Sex, and Hollywood. Symposium: Mini-convention on Sex, Love, and Psychology.  APA Convention, Boston, 1999.

Popular Movie Quotes: Reflections of A people and A Culture.  APA Convention, Washington, D.C., 2000

Psychology of Favorite Movie Monsters.  APA Convention, Chicago, August 24,2002.

When Information Injures: The Media’s Bloated Coverage of Crises.  Keynote Speaker, Symposium: The Influence of Media on Catastrophe & Everyday Trauma.  Worcester Institute on Loss & Trauma.  Worcester, Mass.  Sept. 24, 2003.

Why we love being frightened.  Universal Orlando Media Satellite Tour, Oct. 15, 2004.

Race and Gender Competition in Film Casting Preferences.  Symposium: Stereotypes in the Media APA Convention, D.C., August, 2005.


PUBLICATIONS: (selected and recent listings)

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Essay/Book Review (2006, Nov. 15).  Can We Understand Media and Politics When the Internet Is Silent? (Review of the book The Psychology of Media and Politics).  PsycCRITIQUES.—Contemporary Psychology: APA Review of Books,




 Assertive communications for single male parents.  UCLA Extension Program. (three times)

Special issues in family therapy: Divorce and separation and single parenting.  California Department of Mental Health.

Executive stress and burnout.  Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce.

Parental stress and burnout.  Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce.

Stress and burnout in intimate relations.  Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce.

Coping with the stress of change.  Branch retreat, Chief Administrative Office of L.A. County.

Group dynamics and conflict.  Chief Administrative Office of L.A. County.

Technophobia in the Workplace.  Kansas Dept. of Social Services.

Seminar in Cinematherapy.  Fielding Graduate Institute, Santa Barbara.



President, Southern California Psychotherapy Affiliation, 1983-1984.

President, Division 6, California State Psychological Association, 1988-89.

President, Division 46 of APA, Association for Media Psychology, 1986-1987.

co-chair, Mini-Convention (theme track), APA Convention, 1990.

Chair, Publications Committee, Division 46, APA, 1991-1992.

chair, APA Committee on Films and Other Media, 1990-1991, 1995-1997, 2002. 2007

Member, APA Committee on Films and Other Media, 1988-1991, 1992-1994, 1995-1997, 1999-2002, 2005-2008.

Program Chair, Division 46 of APA, 1985-1992.

board of directors, California State Psychological Association, 1989-1990.

board of directors, Division 46, APA, 1990-1992.

Executive Director, Psychotherapy Screening Guild, 1984-1990.

Film Critic, Amplifier, 1986 to 1990.

Editor, Newsletter, Southern California Psychotherapy Affiliation, 1980-1982.

Film columnist, Los Angeles Psychologist, 1992-1997.

Panel Judge, Writers Guild of America, Awards for Distinguished Achievement in Screenwriting, 1990 to present.

Member, Blue Ribbon Panel, Writers Guild of America, Minority Access Program, 1993-2004.

Member, Blue Ribbon Panel, Writers Guild of America, Producer Access Program, 1993-2004.

Advisory Board, The Journal of the California Alliance for the Mentally Ill, 1993 to 1995.

West Coast Correspondent, Psychology Today, 1992 to 1995.

DOCUMENTARY Panel Judge, Golden Eagle Cine Awards, November 4, 2004






Clinical assessments of plaintiffs in suits of "wrongful termination" and/or psychological distress. 

l. Retained by Swerdlow & Florence

                a. Hartley vs. Aerochem

                b. McCants vs. Aerochem

                c. Rodgers vs. Career Aids, Inc.(Rodgers terminated for felonious sexual behavior).

2. Retained by Alschuler, Grossman & Pines.

                a. Manns vs. Aames Home Loan

3. Retained by Dern, Mason and Floum.

                a. Lederer et al. vs Freedman, et al.

                b. Dern vs. Dern.

4. Retained by Barry Friedman and Associates

                a. Phillips vs. Schumake

5. Retained by Tucker & Lovich

                a. Levine vs. Interior Spaces, Inc.

6. Retained by Ervin, Cohen & Jessup

                a. Allstate Insurance vs. Pomeroy and Pomeroy

7. Retained by David White and Associates.

                a. Fraad vs. Neiman-Marcus.

8. Retained by Gerald Cunningham

                Wanda and Don Reed vs. Leeza Gibbons Enterprises and Paramount Pictures Corp.


Child Custody Disputes:


l. Holiday vs. Holiday.  Attorney, Don Gold.  Father sought and obtained custody of daughter.

2. Monge vs. Monge.  Attorney, Patricia Ostroy.  Father sought and obtained custody of three children.

3. L.A.D.P.S.S. vs. Irene Smith.  Testified informally regarding charges of child abuse brought against Mrs. Smith by Dept. of Public Social Services on behalf of her daughter.  Charges were dropped.


Personal Injury:


l. Centeno vs. City of Los Angeles. Attorney, Edward Barker. Expert witness regarding liability of city in accident in public pool.  Plaintiff, a 15 year old boy who was paralyzed from neck down.  City was found liable.

2. Kohn vs. McDermott.  Attorney, Harvey Lewis.  Telephonic testimony, New Orleans, regarding psychological impact of loss of career after accident of diver (Kohn) for off-shore drilling company (McDermott).  Kohn was awarded quarter million dollars.



1.State of Alaska vs. Charles Depp. Attorneys, Drathman and Weidner.  Anchorage.  Telephonic testimony at sentencing phase for man convicted of several counts of child molesting.

2.State Board of Veterinary Medicine vs Dr. Daniel Koller.  Attorney, Darrell Salomon, San Francisco.  Clinically assessed Dr. Koller as regards charges that he abused animals under his care.

3.State of California vs. Offord Rollins III.  Attorney, Tim Lemucchi, Bakersfield.  Testified regarding the probable relationship between writing 'gangsta' rap lyrics and likelihood of committing murder.

4. State of California vs. Offord Rollins III.  (Retrial).  Attorney H. Sala, Bakersfield.  Testified at pretrial motion phase on probative vs prejudicial value of defendant's 'gangsta' rap lyrics.



Provided on-cite counseling for First Interstate Bank employees experiencing hold-ups and one-to-one counselling for tellers who experienced debilitating effects of such hold-ups.


Entertainment Media Activities


Media Appearances:



Guest Appearances (Multiple appearances, partial listing)

KCSN Community Affairs

KCRW    "        "

KIQQ    "        "

KACE    "        "

Lifestyles in the`80's (syndicated service)

Health Network

Voice of America

UPI (syndicated news service)

WOR, New York

WIOU, Dayton

KMOX, St. Louis

Newstalk Radio, Detroit

KPPC NPR, Pasadena

King Radio, Seattle

Which Way L.A.?  KCRW

American in the Morning: Westwood One

KFWB, Los Angeles

Sunday Rounds - PBS

Inside Track - CBC, Toronto

Monitor Radio

Radio Netherlands

QR77, Calgary

KPIX San Francisco

KNBC News Radio

KNX News Radio

Beneath the Surface (Samm Brown), KPFK, Los Angeles

Lee Maribol, KMPC

KQED, San Francisco

Garry Lee Wright, WGN, Chicago

BBC, Ch. 2



Wave 105, England

About the media: NPR

RCL Radio - Miami

Bill Moran – Business News Radio

Sam Donaldson



Television News

Guest Appearances (multiple appearances, partial listing):

 ABC Evening News

CBS Evening News










Newsweek (syndicated service)

KCET-"Five Minutes."

Fox News

German Television News (NRD, Germany)

Ch. 7, Australia

This Morning, CBS

Dateline, NBC



Guest Appearances (multiple appearances, partial listing):

 Speak Up America - NBC

Hour Magazine - KTLA

Woman To Woman - KTLA

Videologue - KCET

Headlines on Trial - KNBC

Live With Sonya Friedman - CNN

Newsnight - CNN

Entertainment Tonight - NBC

Larry King Live  - CNN

The National Love and Sex Test, (special) Cosgrove-Meurer, Productions, ABC TV.

PM Magazine -  KTLA

The Journal - CBC TV

Personalities - KTTV

America's Funniest Home Videos - ABC

Oprah Winfrey - ABC

Montel Williams Show

Geraldo Live: CNBC

E! Entertainment

America's search for happiness, BBC Special, (England).

Madonna Exposed - Syndicated 2 hour special, Robin Leach Prods.

False Memory Syndrome.  The Business Channel - KHY, Ch 22.

NOW with Tom Brokaw and Katie Couric, NBC.


CBS Special on O.J. Simpson.

Oklahoma Bombing Special -CNN

BBC Special: The Men of Hollywood (England).  September Films., 1996.

Errol Flynn, the Man and the Legend, Hart Ryan Prods, London., Channel 4, England 1996

Bum Fighting, London, Channel 4, England, Vashca Prods, 1/2005

Subcultures and their group and individual meanings. The Learning Channel, Filmgarden Prods, 1997.

"Men." Lifetime Television special John Brandeis Productions, 1996.

Leeza, August, 1997.

American Journal

CBS This Morning: Is American Obsessed With Fandom? 1997.

CBS   This Morning: Does Media Violence Affect Real Life Violence, 1999.

The Flip Side, CNNfn: Why we like to be frightened, 2004.

CBS This Morning: Why Parents Murder Their Children, 1999.

NBC Morning News: Marilyn Mansion and the Littleton Massacre Connection, 1999.

Health Week (PBS): Why Are People Attracted to Horror Movies? 1997

CBS News: Strengthening America’s Families, Part 3, “Taking Control of the Media.” 1997

Touched By An Angel Special.  CBS, 1998.

Titanic, 2000.  A&E Television Special, 1998

Dateline, NBC, Yosemite Serial Murderer, 1999.

48 Hours, CBS, Darva Conger and Reality TV, 7/2000

MSNBC, E!, A&E, BBC  Specials on Reality Television, 9/2000-2003


CBSMarketWatch: Atlanta Mass Murderer Mark Barton, July, 1999

Tag Magazine: Male-female differences in reactions to death of JFK Jr., July, 1999

Writers Guild of America Magazine, The Big Question feature: How do you find the core of a character in a screenplay. July, 1999.

Writers Guild of America Magazine: The Media Violence Connection: Not Proven!  December, 1999

Salon Magazine: The Blair Witch Project - Gender Differences in Reactions, 1999.

ABC.Com: Sam Donaldson: Reality TV Reality TV


Print Interviews (partial listing)

New York Times, Los Angeles Times, N.Y. Daily News, N. Y. Post, Newsday, Village Voice, Philadelphia Inquirer, Washington Post, Washington Times, Chicago Daily News, Chicago Tribune, Houston Morning News, Sacramento Bee, L.A. Daily News, Time, Newsweek, U.S. News & World Report, US Magazine, Media Week, Readers Digest, TV Guide, Toronto Globe & Mail, Toronto Star, Ottowa Sun, Times of London, London Daily Telegraph, London Daily Mail, USA Today, Miami Herald, St. Petersburg Times, Boston Herald, Boston Globe, AP, UP, Gannett Wire Service, People Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, Wall Street Journal, Sports Illustrated, Hollywood Reporter, Daily Variety, Kansas City Star, Seattle Times, Atlanta Journal Constitution, Baltimore Sun, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Boulder Daily Camera, Des Moines Register, Minneapolis Star Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle, Men’s Health, BrandWeek, L.A. Daily Journal, Ft. Worth Telegraph, The Australian,.Psychology Today Online.


Hosted Shows

Mind and Matter - WTSC radio, Potsdam, New York

Shubert Alley - WTSC radio, Potsdam, New York




Film Appearances

Fatal Attraction, DVD Special Tracks 2002. 

Bowling for Columbine, Michael Moore, Dir., 2003


Documentary Film Scripts

The Assertive Organization. (Motivational Media)

Beyond the X and Y Theory of Motivation(Motivational Media)

The Lady Called. (NYC Dept. of Health)



“Session One”.  UCLA-NPI Center for Community Health


Film Scripts

Miles To Go...  With Beverly Levitt.  Shostak/Keating Productions, CBS Television, Oct. 14, 1986.

Complete Opposites. CBS/Gross and Weston Productions. .

After Yesterday  NBC/Doris Keating Productions.


Film Treatments:

Topanga Canyon Days, Avco-Embassy Pictures.

Opening Doors, Warner Bros.


Film/Script/Program Consultations


Series of three films on drug and alcohol abuse: (for Avanti Films)

                From Use to Abuse

                Family and Peer Factors

                Viable Alternatives

Perceiving and Believing (for Motivational Media)

Subtle Forms of Prejudice (for Motivational Media)

Careers for Women (for Motivational Media)

The Female Alcoholic (for Motivational Media)

Project Reform (for Michael Soluri Productions and National Drug Research Institute)

The Lady Called (for New York City Dept. of Health)



Dolphin's Cove (series), Stonhenge Productions/Paramount, CBS TV.

The National Love and Sex Test, (special) Cosgrove-Meurer Productions, ABC TV, Nov. 10, 1988.

Bump in the Night (MOW), Craig Anderson Productions/Lorimar Television.

Saved By the Bell, (series) NBC.

Roc (series) Fox TV



Showtime, WB, Tom Dey Director, Eddie Murphy and Robert DeNiro, 2/01


Miles to Go...        Humanitas Certificate, 1987.
Miles to Go...        Bronze Halo Award, Southern California Motion Picture Council, 1988.
Miles to Go...        Television Writing Achievement Award, nominated for Outstanding Script of 1987, Writers Guild
                                                 of America.

Personal Management: R. Gordon, Associates, Hollywood

Legal Representation: David White, Esq. 310-551-9700