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STUART FISCHOFF, PH.D. Professor Emeritus of Psychology, California State University, Los Angeles

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Lawrence Balter, Ph.D., New York University

Theodore S. Bell, Ph.D, California State University, Los Angeles

Edward Donnerstein, Ph.D. University of Arizona

Katie Lever-Mazzuto, Ph.D, Western Connecticut State University

Shane Murphy, Ph.D., Western Connecticut State University.

Cheryl Olson, ScD, Harvard Medical School

Robert Simmermon, Ed.D. Private Practice, Atlanta

Jerri Lynn Hogg, PhD, Fielding Graduate University



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 Theoretical Articles

Media Psychology: Definition and Focus- A Personal Essay

Spinster: An Evolving Stereotype Revealed Through Film

Villains in Film: Anemic Renderings

Metaphor and the Media: The Case of "Outbreak"

Confessions of An Ex-Talk Show Psychologist

Arabs and the Media

Psychology's Quixotic Quest For the Media-Violence Connection

From Flu-Like Virus to Deadly Disease: Ideology and the Media

 Pop Culture Limbo: How Low Can We Go?

Radio Listening as a Function of Basic Human Need: Why Did Maslow Listen To Radio?

Media Crisis Coverage: To Serve and to Scare

Understanding the Popular Appeal of Horror Cinema: An Integrated-Interactive Model  

Classical Heroes in Modern Movies: Mythological Patterns of the Superhero  

A Social Meaning Framework for Research on Participation in Social Online Games

Sound Advertising: A Review of the Experimental Evidence on the Effects of Music in Commercials on Attention, Memory, Attitudes, and Purchase Intention

Peer and Media Influences on Adolescent Repetitive, Self-Mutilation

Mediated vs. Parasocial Relationships: An Attachment Perspective


Research Articles

Favorite Films and Film Genres as a Function of Race, Age, and Gender

Influence of Victim Reminders On Public Perception of Guilt or Non-Guilt in A Celebrity Murder Trial

Favorite Film Choices: Influences of the Beholder and the Beheld

Perceived Credibility of News Sources As A Function of News Focus

Gangsta' Rap and a Murder in Bakersfield

Memorable Film Quotes: Brief Version

Memorable Film Quotes: Reflections of a People and a Culture: Full Version

Offensive Ethnic Cliches in Movies

Stereotypes of Music Fans: Are Rap and Heavy Metal Fans A Danger To Themselves Or Others? 

Sources of Stereotyped Images of the Mentally Ill

Violence in the News: Attachment Styles as Moderators of Priming Effects

Measuring and Contextualizing "Chemistry" in the Movies

Psychological Appeal of Movie Monsters

Talking to Strangers on MySpace: Teens' Use of Internet Social Networking Sites

X-Posed on MySpace: A Content Analysis of “MySpace” Social Networking Sites


Media Message Judgment and Decision Making: Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)


Action Sampling of Television Viewing: A Favorite Waste of Time


Message Distortion: The Effects of Media Content, Perceptions of Media Bias, and Partisan Predispositions on Candidate Evaluations


A Content Analysis of the Evolution of Video Game Characters as Represented in Video Game Magazines



Priming and Media Messages on Physical Activity


Priming the Evaluation of Intentions of Characters in Television News


Perception of and Addiction to Online Games as a Function of Personality Traits


Emotional Stress and Coping in Response to Television News Coverage of the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks


Parasocial and Social Interaction with Celebrities: Classification of Media Fans


Physical versus economic societal threat: How 9-11 and the Great Recession of 2008 influenced viewers’ consumption of serious, sexual, and violent television content  


Declining Sensationalizing Descriptor Use in 100 Years of New York Times and Washington Post Headlines


1989 vs. 2009: A Comparative Analysis of Music Superstars Michael Jackson and Josh Groban, and their Fans


A Crime by Any Other Name: Effects of Media Reporting on Perceptions of Sex Offenses


Liars, Killers and Bobbleheads: Behind the Rhetoric of a Successful Youth Anti-Tobacco Campaign

An Analysis of MMPI-2 Profile of the Participants of the International Reality Show “The Moment of Truth”









Book Reviews

 Psychology for Screenwriters: Building Conflict in Your Script

The Media and Violence Juncture: Where Ideology Creates an Empirical Science Myth


Video Reviews

How To Do A Political Revolution: A Video Primer

A Review of the Documentary The Democratic Revolutionary Handbook