Publications Derived from Ph.D. Dissertation and M.S. Thesis

My Ph.D. dissertation resulted in two publications: Felszeghy, S. F. et al., "Dynamic Response of a Bounded, Three-Dimensional, Viscoelastic Body," Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, v. 59, n. 3, p. 551, 1976; and Felszeghy, S. F. et al., "Forced Axisymmetric Motions of Viscoelastic Cylindrical Shells," International Journal of Solids and Structures, v. 13, p. 877, 1977.

My M.S. thesis resulted in one publication: Felszeghy, S. F., and Thomson, W. T., "Probability Distribution of Bilinear System Response to Impulse Excitation," ASME Journal of Applied Mechanics, v. 33, n. 2, p. 384, 1966.

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