Forwarding Your E-mail

In order for you to forward your campus email to your personal email account, you need to be able to login to the campus network.


  1. Login to mars server. (Using the DOS prompt or a telnet software)
  2. Type: telnet


  3. The computer will then prompt you for login name and password. Enter your NIS username and password.
  4. Example:

    login: johndoe

    Password: xxxxxx (password will not show)

  5. If you are successful, you are now in the Unix environment and you will see a Unix prompt -(i.e. mars% )
  6. Create a '.forward' file in your home directory using the "vi" editor. You can also use other text editors if you are familiar with them.
  7. At the percent sign (%) prompt,

    type: vi .forward

  8. In "vi", type i for insert and then type the desired email address to forward to:
  9. Example:

  10. Once this is done, execute the following steps to save the file:

Press <Esc> key and then type: :wq


You can verify that you have created the .forward file correctly by typing: cat .forward

(cat .forward should display the content of the file i.e.

If you encounter problems, please see the attendants in the E&T Computer Lab, E&T C-255, or send an e-mail message to Jeff Cheam.