The Solar Eagle II Car in June 20 - 26

Above image from: University of Michigan

Above image from: University of Texas

The Solar Eagle II Car

Prof. Richard D. Roberto (Project Engineer), Ricardo Espinosa (Team Captain), Erick Juarez, Tai Nuyen

Above image from: University of Texas

Sunrayce 93 Results

The Solar Eagle II Car Finishes in 3rd Place

Note: Time is in hours:minutes:seconds; speed is in miles per hour.

PositionTeamTotal Elapsed TimeAverage Speed
1University of Michigan40:39:1827.29
2California State Polytechnic University, Pomona42:09:2026.32
3California State University, Los Angeles45:26:5824.41
4George Washington University46:06:5524.06
5Stanford University52:48:4621.01
6University of Maryland55:42:3019.92
7University of Oklahoma64:18:3617.25
8University of Massachusetts, Lowell66:39:2016.65
9Kauai Community College68:52:3916.11
10Iowa State University70:17:4215.78
11McGill University70:34:3515.72
12California State University, Fresno75:30:2314.69
13Arizona State University78:04:2414.21
14Queens University78:14:4814.18
15Rose - Hulman Institute of Technology79:41:3013.92
16Mankato State University79:52:5313.89
17Drexel University81:04:1113.69
18Western Michigan University81:09:3213.67
19University of Missouri - Columbia82:57:1713.37
20Virginia Polytechnic Institute85:14:1313.02
21University of Minnesota85:17:2313.01
22Rochester Institute of Technology85:45:4712.94
23Stark Technical College86:02:0212.90
24Colorado State University87:02:0012.75
25Auburn University90:04:2212.32
26University of Ottawa90:19:1112.28
27University of Puerto Rico91:06:1112.18
28Clarkson University91:51:1412.08
29University of Missouri - Rolla96:07:1611.54
30Mercer University96:17:1511.52
31University of California - Berkeley98:25:4611.27
32University of Texas - Austin101:59:3710.88
33University of Waterloo108:09:1810.26
34New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology117:48:119.42

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