Moodle Support

Posting to Moodle Discussion Threads

Here are the basic steps for original posts and reply posts to the Moodle discussion threads.

1. Before posting, open up a new browser tab or browser window and enter the discussion topic for the week into a search engine like Google.

2. Explore several of the websites and choose 1 or 2 sites you find most useful or interesting.

3. Open up a word processing program and copy/paste the URL(s) of the sites you will reference in your post. Then compose what you found interesting or useful on that site, incorporting the URL(s) you copy/pasted. Save the file.

4. Log in to Moodle and click on the "Discussion" tool.

5. Click on the discussion thread with the topic you just wrote about.

6.Create a subject title for your post that is different from the topic for that week. Make it a subject title that reflects what you will talk about. Copy/paste from your word processor into the discussion post window.

7. Finally, click on some one else's post in that same topic or thread and write a comment, question, or both, in replay that person's post.