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For instructions on how to self-register for a course, either go to this page


and look for the "How to self-register for a course" link located near the bottom of the page. Or, follow these step-by-step instructions.

To Register in the Course WebCT

1. Go to: http://webct6.calstatela.edu/webct/entryPageIns.dowebct

2. Click the "Course List" button.

3. Click the "College Charter of Education" button on the page that opens.

4. In the alphabetical list in the page that opens, scroll down to the first EDIT 430 - Intro to Computers for Educators (there are 3 listed; you want the 1st one)

EDIT430 - Information Technologies in the Classroom

5. Click the little green triangle at the left.

6. After the page automatically refreses, scroll back down and find EDIT430 course with "rs" in the middle:



(Be sure to choose the right section (SEC01 or SEC02 )

7. Click the little person icon to the far right on the same line as the description for section one.

8. Type your NIS username and password in the page that opens. That's all! You are now registered and can use the WebCT tools for this course.


If you have trouble, email me at: edit430@earthlink.net



























Posting to WebCT Discussion Threads

Here are the basic steps for posting to the WebCT discussion threads.

1. Before posting, open up a new browser tab or browser window and enter the discussion topic for the week into a search engine like Google.

2. Explore several of the websites and choose 1 or 2 sites you find most useful or interesting.

3. Open up a word processing program and copy/paste the URL(s) of the sites you will reference in your post. Then compose what you found interesting or useful on that site, incorporting the URL(s) you copy/pasted. Save the file.

4. Log in to WebCT and click on the "Discussion" tool.

5. Click on the discussion thread with the topic you just wrote about.

6.Create a subject title for your post that is different from the topic for that week. Make it a subject title that reflects what you will talk about. Copy/paste from your word processor into the discussion post window.

7. Finally, click on some one else's post in that same topic or thread and write a comment, question, or both, in replay that person's post.