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Rania Sabty-Daily
Assistant Professor

Office: ST 410
Phone: (323)343-5867
FAX: (323)343-6454
Email: rsabtyd@calstatela.edu


I am a faculty member in the Health Science Program.  I have conducted research in the area of occupational health and exposure assessment since 1992.  I have worked on a number of projects as an industrial hygiene consultant including a study of workplace health and safety conditions in Maquiladoras located along the U.S.-Mexican border.  I worked as an Industrial Hygiene and Safety Specialist in private industry.


I am interested in teaching courses in the field of Environmental Health Sciences. My goal in any course I teach is to stimulate in the students the interest I have in the topic.


My research interest lies in evaluating human exposures to environmental contaminants in vulnerable populations such as working populations, children and women of childbearing age. Such exposure data may be used to develop intervention strategies, such as pollution prevention strategies, in order to reduce exposures and the associated human morbidity/mortality.

My current research project is entitled "Community Partnership for Environmental Health".  This study addresses environmental hazards that impact children's health in a low-income public housing community.  A Community Based Participatory Research approach is utilized to 1)Identify environmental hazards to children's health as perceived by the community; 2)Identify one hazard regarded as high-priority by the community and generate a culturally-tailored and practical plan of action for mitigating or minimizing exposure of children to the hazard; 3)Identify available and practical local resources that can be used by the community to implement the plan of action and; 4)in an educational forum, disseminate information about identified environmental hazards and culturally sensitive and practical strategies to minimize health risks to children.

My doctoral dissertation was titled "The Particle Size Distribution and Speciation of Chromium in Paint Spray Aerosol".  This research involved size-distribution sampling and analysis of aerosol potentially inhaled by painters in the aerospace industry.  



Sabty-Daily R.A.,  Hinds W.C., and Froines J.R. (2005): Size Distribution of Chromate Paint Aerosol Generated in a Bench-Scale Spray Booth.  The Annals of Occupational Hygiene 49(1): 33-45.

Sabty-Daily R.A., Harris P., Hinds W.C., and Froines J.R. (2005): Size Distribution and Speciation of Chromium in Paint Spray Aerosol at an Aerospace Facility.  The Annals of Occupational Hygiene 49(1): 47-59.

Sabty-Daily R.A., Luk K.K., and Froines J.R. (2002) The Efficiency of Alkaline Extraction for the Recovery of Hexavalent Chromium (CrVI) from Paint Samples and the Effect of Sample Storage on CrVI Recovery.  The Analyst 127, 852-858.

Cohen T., Sabty R., and Froines J. (1995) Substituting for Lead: The Radiator Repair Industry. In: Reducing Toxics: A New Approach to Policy and Industrial Decision Making, R. Gotleib (Ed.), pp. 332-358.  Washington D.C.: Island Press.

Selected Presentations

Sabty-Daily R.A., Harris P., Hinds W.C., & Froines J.R. (2005).  Size Distribution and Speciation of Cr in Paint Spray Aerosol at an Aerospace Facility. Podium presentation at the American Industrial Hygiene Association Conference and Exhibit, Anaheim, CA. 

Sabty-Daily R.A., Hinds W.C., and Froines J.R. (2005).  Size Distribution of Chromate Paint Aerosol Generated in a Bench-Scale Spray Booth.  Poster presentation at the American Association for Aerosol Research Conference, Texas, Austin.  

Sabty-Daily R.A. (2005).  Environmental Injustice: Children at Risk.  Presentation at a Colloquium, invited by the Center for Vulnerable Populations, School of Nursing at the University of California, Los Angles.

Sabty-Daily R.A. (2003).  Air Pollution in Los Angeles.  Invited by the American Lung Association to present at a meeting of the Little Lungs Asthma Coalition, Los Angeles, CA.

Sabty R.A. and Froines J. (1998).   Particle Size Distribution And Speciation Of Chromium In Aircraft Paint Spray Aerosol.  Poster presented at the Toxic Substances Research and Teaching Program Symposium, Berkley, CA.


Ph.D. Environmental Health Sciences, 2001
Los Angeles, CA

M.P.H. Environmental Health Sciences/ Industrial Hygiene, 1991
Los Angeles, CA

B.S. Environmental Health Sciences, 1988
American University of Beirut
Beirut, Lebanon


Registered Environmental Health Specialist.


CourseSect. No.TitleUnitsDay & TimeRoom
HS 410 01 Theory & Principles of Public Health 4 M 4:20-8:10 PM FA 345
HS 471 01 General Principles of Environmental  Health 4 T 4:20-8:10 PM FA 345
HS 370 01 Environmental Racism 4 T R 1:30-3:10 PM FA 246
HS 496 08 Internship in Health Science 2-4    


Monday 3:30 - 4:00 PM
Tuesday 3:30 - 4:00 PM
Thursday 10:10 - 10:40 AM

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