CS370/CS454 Course Syllabus

Winter 2015

M,W : 9.50AM 11.30AM



Raj Pamula

Email: rpamula@calstatela.edu

Office location: E&T A322

Office hours: M,T,W: 11.30am - 1.00pm

Course Name

Parallel and Distributed Programming


4 units

Contact Hours

4 hours/week


Raj Pamula

Text book

No textbook is required

Other supplemental resources:


Course Information

a)    Catalog Description: Parallel programming techniques; abstract models of hardware and operating systems to support parallel programs.

b)    Prerequisites or co-requisites: CS203, CS245

c)    Required/Elective: This course is an elective in the BS program.

Course Goals

The Student Learning Outcomes that are addressed by the course are:

SLO# 1. Students will be able to apply concepts and techniques from computing and mathematics to both theoretical and practical problems.

SLO# 2. Students will be able to demonstrate fluency in at least one programming language and acquaintance with at least three more.

SLO# 3. Students will have a strong foundation in the design, analysis, and application of many types of algorithms.

SLO# 4. Students will have a fundamental understanding of computer systems.

SLO# 5. Students will have the training to analyze problems and identify and define the computing requirements appropriate to their solutions.



Other outcomes of instruction:

Students get a good understanding of


Parallel hardware architectures


Parallel programming models


Parallel algorithms


Writing parallel programs

Brief list of topics:

Parallel hardware architectures

Parallel programming models

Shared memory model

Shared memory access

 Distributed memory model

Operating Systems support


Message Passing Interface

Parallel Algorithms

Efficiency and timing analysis



Lab Projects:

The students complete lab 5 to 6 projects on above topics


The students complete lab 5 to 6 quizzes on above topics


The students complete two midterms as announced in the class

Grading Policy:

Homework and Projects 20%, Midterms/Quizzes 50%, Final 30%


90 - 100


80 - 89


65 - 79



Academic Integrity:

Cheating will not be tolerated. Cheating on any assignment or exam will be taken seriously.  All parties involved will receive a grade of F for the course and be reported to the Academic Senate.