Who Is Using DVC ?

Creating And Sharing Original Courseware With Others

With DVC, faculty can demonstrate a scientific technique or an art making process and share this demonstration in realtime with their class as they view it on their computer screens. All the computers would be connected together on a LAN. The demonstration is captured as live video with a camera that is plugged into the sending computer. Both the sending and receiving computers are using DVC software. At the Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena, CA, scientists are interacting with students around the world right from their own offices by using DVC.

Use of DVC in the Classroom . . .

Related Links to People Conducting DVC Projects:

Centre for Information Science Research--The Australian National University
A project focusing on single user and small group videoconferencing rather than large-scale use.

AT&T Center for Distance Learning
AT&T offers technology, seminars and consulting to promote the quality of distance learning.

CU-SeeMe Schools
This web site will connect you to K-12 schools around the world who have the capability to do CU-SeeMe videoconferencing over the Internet. This web site also announces upcoming special events and opportunities for schools to participate in live videoconferences with other schools, scientists, authors, government, business, and community leaders.

More Schools Using CU-SeeMe
Continued directory of schools from elementary through college level using CU-SeeMe.

Virtual Summer School in UK
UK's Open University enabled students to attend an experimental version of summer school "electronically" from their own homes using a computer and modem.

Kansas City
DVC system allows Kansas City community leadership to use latest technology to meet, greet, and brief business prospects.

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