What Equipment Is Needed For DVC?

"DVC" refers to video conferencing occurring on standard desktop computer systems such as Intel-based PCs, Macintosh computers, or Unix workstations.

Links to Sites Discussing DVC Hardware And Software Products:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
From Howard Enterprises Inc.'s web site is an excellent technical question and answer section on DVC. It provides definitions, specifications, names of companies, and important links to DVC software sites.

Free Demo DVC Software
From White Pine Software, Inc., download a free demo version of "Enhanced CU-SeeMe" software--in full color and with a whiteboard document for collaboration. Video conference over the Internet or on any TCP/IP network connected to Windows, Macintosh, or both computer platforms.

CU-SeeMe Software for Doing DVC
This link connects you to Cornell University's "CU-SeeMe" site. CU-SeeMe is free DVC software copyrighted by Cornell University where it was invented. CU-SeeMe works with any Macintosh or Windows computer that is connected to the Internet. With CU-SeeMe, you can video conference with anyone else in the world who is connected on the Internet with DVC software.

QTC Product Information
Everything that you would want to know about Apple's "QuickTime Conferencing Kit."

DVC Products
This web page lists and compares various DVC systems based on selected key features.

Color QuickCam
This web site describes Connectix's "Color QuickCam" for the Macintosh, how to use it, and where to get product support. A black and white QuickCam is also available for both Windows and Macintosh computers. QuickCam is an affordable, easy-to-use digital video camera. Internet users can use the Color QuickCam to participate in video conferencing via the Internet using applications such as Connectix VideoPhone (TM) or CU-SeeMe. Installation of QuickCam is easy--plug one cable into the Mac, insert the installation software disk, and click on the installer program.

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