Penelope Semrau, Ph.D.


In 1995-96 I collaborated on a University Lottery-Funded project with
Alan Bloom, Professor of Broadcasting, CSLA. We investigated the concept of offering a multimedia undergraduate degree. Presently, CSLA offers a master's degree in Instructional Technology (call (323) 343.4330) and a Multimedia Certificate through Continuing Education (call (323) 343.4900).

In 1995-96 I worked with Dr. Barbara Boyer, Professor of Art Education at CSLA. Funded by a University Lottery Award, we explored the use of Desktop Video Conferencing (DVC) in teaching and learning.

In 1996, Jim Heideman (Engineering and Technology), Alan Bloom, and I co-taught several web workshops to CSLA faculty which were co-sponsored by the Center for Effective Teaching & Learning (CETL). I worked with 6 graduate students in the Instructional Technology Program to produce the "Faculty Web Resources" web site used in these workshops.

In 1995 and 1996 I worked with the Science Access Center at CSLA in the "RIMSA" program (residential intensive math and science academy). RIMSA offers science and technology instruction to middle school children in Los Angeles schools. In 1996 the RIMSA Web Site was posted showing the web pages of the 7th and 8th graders.

Back in the 1970s, I was an art teacher and muralist in Wisconsin. This barn mural completed in 1976 appeared in over 100 publications and television programs including Time Magazine, House Beautiful, Milwaukee Journal, and the John Chancellor Nightly News. During the 1970s I created 5 murals in Wisconsin and Illinois with the tallest mural being over 7 stories high.