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  School of Health & Human Services

Patricia A. Chin

Director School of Nursing

Office: ST F417
FAX: 3-6454


I am pleased to be serving as Director of the School of Nursing. These are challenging time for nursing and for nursing education..



My area of clinical expertise is Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing. In the undergraduate nursing program I teach courses in nursing case management with vulnerable population, and nursing concept in health promotion and treatment adherence. In the graduate program I teach courses related to nursing theory, nursing research, and nursing care of vulnerable populations.  The essence of professional nursing was originally grounded in  the community. I hope that in the future we can establish a CSLA nursing wellness center and  nurse managed clinic either on or off-campus. .


My research interests are in the areas of community-based nursing and wellness and health promotion. I am the co-editor of a textbook on rehabilitation nursing and the author of a review text on the fundamentals of nursing. My dissertation was "Factors Influencing Battered Women's Perceptions of Controllability of Violence in Intimate Relationships."

Representative Professional Activities

      Clinical Nurse Specialist - Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing

      Faculty Advisor CSLA Nursing Alumni Association

      Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing

      National Nursing Center Consortium




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DNS Nursing 1992
University of San Diego

San Diego, CA

MS Nursing 1984

Los Angeles, CA

BS Nursing 1979

Los Angeles, CA

Office Hours - Appointments are made through the School of Nursing Administrative Office .


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