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The advisement function is shared between the College of Business and Economics and the Department of Information Systems. The college Advisement Center is located at Salazar Hall, Room SHC 256B and the departmental graduate advisors hold their office hours in Simpson Tower, Room STF 603.


At the college level, Associate Dean Doris Christopher oversees the activities related to advisement. In addition to the support staff in the Advisement Center. there are two principal advisors who deal with undergraduate and graduate advisement respectively. Professor Georgio Cantrella is currently serving as the principal graduate advisor for the College of Business and Economics.


At the department level, Professor Paul Rosenthal and Professor Nanda Ganesan serve as the advisors with the former being the principal advisor. When Professor Rosenthal is not on duty, Professor Ganesan will substitute as the principal advisor.


The contact details of those involved in graduate advisement and their respective duties are as follows:




Department of Information Systems


Principal Advisor


For Winter 2006, Professor Paul Rosenthal will be the principal graduate advisor.


 Advisor:  Professor Paul Rosenthal
 Office Hours:  MW 9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. and W 3:15 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
 Office Location:  Simpson Tower 615
 T-Phone:  323 - 343 2928
 e-Mail:  nandaganesan@yahoo.com  

Principal Advisor's Function

After being admitted to the MSIS program, a graduate student must first meet with the principal advisor prior to starting the program. Before meeting with the advisor, he or she is required to browse this website for information on graduate courses and other details pertaining to the MSIS program. The purpose of the required first meeting is to draft a course program for the student. The purpose is to select and approve the courses for the student's MSIS program. Only when the completed and signed program schedule is transmitted to the gradate office and retained in the student's file, he or she will be considered as being officially enrolled in the MSIS program.

A graduate student seeing advisement is welcome to contact the principal advisor during the office hours listed above. A sample list of advisement activities f the principal advisor is as follows.

  • The drafting and approval of the MSIS program for students
  • Advisement on prerequisites for those students not meeting the requirements placed by the department for entry to the program
  • Approval of the form for the advancement of candidacy from G2 to G3
  • Provide information on the transfer of credits and approval of the same
  • Signing various forms 
  • etc.



College of Business and Economics


Front Office


 Principal Staff:

Regular staff and student assistants are normally on duty in the front desk to  render assistance and provide information to students.
 Office Hours: MW 9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. and W 3:15 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
 Office Location:  Salazar Hall SHC 256B
 T-Phone:  323 - 343 5156


Front Office Activities 


For many tasks that do not require a meeting with an advisor, the students may contact the front office staff at the Graduate Programs Office located in SHC 222 for information. The tasks that fall into this category include but not limited to the following.

  • Obtaining application forms

  • Obtaining and submitting various forms such as the form required to advance candidacy from G1 to G2

  • Obtaining general information about graduate studies at the College of Business and Economics

  • Scheduling and appointment to meet with the Associate Dean, Dr. Doris Christopher

Principal Graduate Advisor


 Principal Graduate Advisor

 Professor Georgio Contrella
 Office Hours:  
 Office Location:  Salazar Hall SHC 256B
 T-Phone:  323 - 343 5156


Principal Advisor's Functions




Associate Dean of Graduate Studies


Associate Dean

Professor Doris Christopher
 Office Hours: By Appointment Only
 Office Location: Salazar Hall SHC 256B
 T-Phone: 323 - 343 5156

As the graduate dean for the School of Business and Econmics, Professor Doris Christopher is in overall charge of the MSIS program. Students will not normally contact Professor Christopher for advisement. Only special and problematic cases would received her direct attention. The scheduling of an appointment with the front office staff is required to meet with Professor Christopher.

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