Quick Start





Quick Start Instructions

Step 1: Enter the address of the MSDN site in the browser as shown below.

MSDN Website Address

Step 2: Click on the Log In rectangle on the MSDNAA welcome page as shown below.

Step 3: Enter the user name and the password that arrived in the email. The user name is the student email address that was given to the instructor at the time of instruction.

User Name and Password

Step 4: After logging in, the users can select and download the software. The entire list of software is available from the scroll down list by clicking on the down arrow next to the "search by product titles". The products could also be located by giving the name of the software and pressing the adjacent "go" button. For easy access, the popular downloads have been configured as storefront boxes that could be clicked to download the software quickly.

 Software Titles

Step 5: A particular software can be selected from the scroll menu or from the boxed icon as shown below. 

Software Titles

Boxed Icons

Step 5: As an example, the OneNote 2007 software was chosen for downloading. On clicking on the OneNote icon, the screen shown below would appear. The software can be added to the cart by clicking on the Add to Cart button.  

Add to Cart

Step 6: At this stage, additional software packages can be chosen and added to the cart before checking them out. For this example, clicking the "check out button" would complete the selection of software chosen for downloading. 

Check Out

Step 7: Before downloading the software, the students must agree to the usage guideline that is partially shown below. Read the entire guideline and press on the button entitled "I Agree".


Step 8: A screen would appear to enter the customer information. Enter the required information and press Next.

Customer Information

Step 9: The Order Details screen will appear next. Click on Download button shown below to proceed to the next screen where the key for the software will be displayed.

Start Download

Step 10: The software key displayed should be retained as it is required to install the software. The key would facilitate a full installation of the software without any restrictions. Make a copy of the key and click on the download button to proceed.


Step 11: The actual program will not be downloaded now. Instead, a Microsoft downloader will be downloaded that would later download the actual software to a temporary storage on the computer and install the program on the computer. Press the Save button now.



Step 12: The downloaded "Microsoft Downloader"  is now stored in a folder. Click on the Downloader for OneNote 2007 and follow the instructions to install the program.

Saved Program

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