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Refereed Journal Articles 

  • Ganesan Nanda,  Distance Education Environment: Course Delivery in Cyberspace, National Business Education Association Yearbook,  No. 42, 2004. 

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Publications in Proceedings and Handbooks

  • Ganesan Nanda, e-Learning in Higher Education, The Proceedings of the 21st National Computer Conference, Sri Lanka, July 2002.

  • Ganesan K., Echeverry D., Ganesan N., Mammography and Papanicolaou Smear Use by Elderly Minority Women, Journal of Investigative Medicine, Volume 46, No.1, January 1998 (Abstract of presentation at the Western Section of American Federation of Medical Research Meeting, February 1998, Carmel, California).

  • Liu David and Ganesan Nanda, Next Generation CNC Control: Object Oriented, Software-centric System on an Open System Architecture, Proceedings of Autofact 94, Society of Manufacturing Engineers, Detroit, Michigan, Nov. 13-17, 1994.

  • Ganesan, Nanda, Planning the Distribution of Goods with a Microcomputer, Softcover Software, Editor G.E. Whitehouse, American Institution of Industrial Engineers, 1985.

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  • Ganesan Nanda, Microcomputer Aided Plant Layout Planning, The Singapore Production Engineer, Yearbook of the Institution of Production Engineers, Singapore Chapter, 1984.

  • Ganesan Nanda, CAD Packages on Microcomputers, Proceedings of the CAD/CAM Symposium, National University of Singapore, July 1984.

  • Tanaboriboon Y. and Ganesan Nanda, Proceedings of the International Conference on Road Transport and Planning, Paris, May 1984.

  • Ganesan Nanda, Microcomputer Based Drug Information Systems, Proceedings of the American Association for Medical Systems and Informatics Congress 1984, San Francisco, May 1984.

  • Chin C.H. and Ganesan Nanda, Mathematical Modeling of Lift Movement in a Tall Building, Proceedings of the International Conference on Tall Buildings, Singapore, October 1984.

  • Ganesan Nanda, Displaying and Processing Tamil Characters on Microcomputers, Proceedings of the 4th Seminar and Conference on Tamil Language and Literature in Singapore, Singapore, 1984.

  • Ganesan Nanda, The Micro and its Applications in Industrial Engineering, 1983 Engineering Annual, National University of Singapore, 1983.

  • Ganesan Nanda, A Drug Inquiry System (DISYS), Proceedings of the Symposium on Bio-Medical Engineering, National University of Singapore, 1983.

  • Ganesan Nanda, Adaptive Forecasting Using Microcomputers, Proceedings of the Malaysian National Conference, Malaysia, October 1983.

  • Ganesan Nanda, A Demand Supply Matching Problem in a Manufacturing Industry, Proceedings of the Asia-Pacific Conference on Operational Research, Singapore, December 1982.

Reports from Academic Governance/Consulting/Community Activities

  • Networking Lab Proposal, Submitted to the Department of Information Systems, 2000.

  • Multimedia Courseware Development, Sabbatical Study Report, Submitted to CSLA, April 1999.

  • IS Mission, Goals and Objectives, A report prepared and submitted to the Dean of SBE for accreditation purpose, 1994.

  • Long Range Planning Task Group Report; Member of the Long-Range Planning Task Group that submitted the report to the Dean of SBE for accreditation purpose, 1993.

  • Six-Year Review of the CIS Department, Department of Information Systems, CSULA. This 121-page report received commendation from the university committee overseeing the six-year review process. It also formed the basis for subsequent reports that focused on the development of the department, 1992.

  • Proposed Revision to the Charter of the Center for Information Resource Management. Submitted a report to the Dean of SBE in conjunction with an ad-hoc committee formed for the revision of charter of CIRM, 1992.


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