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Project Details

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Electronic Delivery of Instruction

  • Information about the course will largely be disseminated through this website

  • Course slides for each week of lecture are available on this website for downloading 

  • The DVD produced by the instructor containing the multimedia modules will be used as important teaching material

  • The DVD will be distributed in the class to the students free of charge and they should be returned to the instructor after making one legal copy for the students' personal use

  • Students are required to bring a headphone with a volume control to each class meeting

  • A USB flash disk with a minimum of 256 Mega Bytes of storage space is recommended for downloading newer multimedia lecture modules

  • Duration of class meetings may be reduced by an appropriate time period to facilitate Technology Mediated Learning (TML)

Examinations and Grading

  • The cumulative grade is composed of individual grades from the three examinations and the project

  • The letter grade is assigned based on a curve depicting the distribution of the cumulative score

  • The two midterm examinations will be held on the 4th and 7th weeks of the Quarter respectively

  • The final examination will be held on the date and time printed in the class schedule

  • A cheat-sheet is allowed for both the mid-term and the final examinations

  • A make-up examination is not normally offered

Class Project

  • A group project or an individual project is to be completed where the end result would be a group presentation and the submission of the project report

  • Those opting for individual projects are also required to present their projects and submit either a project report or a written paper depending on the type of project chosen

  • The project presentations are scheduled for the ninth and tenth weeks of the quarter  

  • The project report will essentially be composed of a collection of slides prepared for the presentation of the project, subject to changes suggested by the instructor during the presentation

  • The project reports are to be submitted in electronic form immediately after the presentation is completed, unless asked to add further details to the presentation slides by the instructor

  • The project report where additions and changes are suggested are to be submitted not later than the day of the final examination

  • The site addresses of all the websites referenced in the project must be included in the report and the references used in the presentation must all be clearly acknowledged on the slides

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