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Project Details


A group project is required as part of the requirements of the course. Each group will be composed of up to a maximum of four students. A topic in networking should be chosen by each group for the project. The topic must be practice oriented

Projects that explore the actual implementation of hardware and software will be graded favorably. In this case, a demonstration conducted in the class during the presentation of the project will add further weight to the project. Additional information relating to the topic covered in the project must be provided by reviewing articles on the topic from magazines and other publications.

A guideline for the selection of an appropriate project topic is described on this web page. The choice of a topic will also be discussed during the first class meeting. The end result of the project will be a project presentation and the submission of the slides used in the presentation.  

Project Topic

There are four different approaches to choosing a project topic.

  • Install a Microsoft server and demonstrate its functionality

  • Explore and discuss the implementation and operation of a hardware or a software related to networking

  • Present work-related experience in the field of networking

  • Write a paper on a topic presented in the multimedia instructional modules given on DVD

The preferred approach for this quarter is to install one of the Microsoft servers and to demonstrate its functionality. The last two approaches are intended for students who may want to do an individual project. Further details of each of the approaches are as follows:

Installation and configuration of a Microsoft Server

Microsoft offers many servers serving different needs of an enterprise. Examples include the SQL server, Exchange server, BizTalk server etc. The students are encouraged to choose one of the servers as the subject of study. In this case, the installation and the important features of the server should be demonstrated during the presentation. For installation and testing purpose, a 90-day trial version of most of the Microsoft servers can be downloaded from Microsoft' website. 

Also, some of the Microsoft server software are available to students majoring in CIS.  The servers are made available under Microsoft's Academic Alliance program. The department is in the process of streamlining the issuing of software to students. Additional information on the availability of software will be discussed in the class. .

Implementation and Operation of Network Hardware or Software

A group may choose an evolving topic such as Virtual Private Network to study the latest developments in virtual private networking.  In this case, the functional features of VPN can be described and demonstrated. The groups that choose this approach must give a demonstration during the presentation of their project. .

A few areas of interest for choosing a topic are as follows:

  • Network Security

  • Implementation of Various Servers

  • VoIP

  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)

  • .Net Environment Network Applications

  • J2EE Environment Network Applications

Please note that the above topics are listed only as a guideline and that the students are not restricted to choosing from the above list of topics. A group may also chose a topic that expands upon the material covered in the course. An example would be a topic that  would expand on the material covered on streaming servers in the class. However, it is important not to repeat the material covered in the course in the project. 

To obtain information on possible topics for the project, the students may also visit the websites of vendors of communication and networking products to review the latest developments in the field. Technology forums and other technical websites may also be accessed for selecting an appropriate topic for the project.

Experience and Job Related Topics

With the approval of the instructor, a student may embark on an individual project in lieu of the group project. Students having experience in networking or those who are involved in network related positions or projects at their place of employment are candidates for individual projects. In this case, the student can present the practical details of networking as applicable to his or her area of expertise and work environment.

Writing a Paper on Networking

Students interested in doing individual projects may also engage in writing a paper based largely on the material provided on the DVD. A topic from the material covered in the DVD may be chosen for the project. Good writing and researching skills are expected from students choosing to do this individual project.

Project Presentation

All members of a project group are required to participate in an oral presentation describing their contribution to the overall project. The presentations are scheduled for the ninth and tenth weeks of the Quarter. The duration of the project presentation by each group should not exceed 30 minutes. 

The students who chose  to do the individual project are also required to make a presentation. The time limit for this presentation is 15 minutes. Depending on the chosen approach, the students will either present

The students who are writing a paper are required to make a brief presentation explaining their addition to the contents presented in the paper. A formal presentation with PowerPoint slides is not required in this case as the students may verbally explain their contribution to the body of the text in the paper.

The presentation schedule for the groups and the individual students is listed on the web page entitled Project Groups on this site. The page also contains the email addresses of the group members and the topics selected.

Project Report

One project report is due from each group. The report is a collection of individual contributions made by each group member. 

The PowerPoint slides used in the presentation of the project, but revised to reflect the feedback given by the instructor during the presentation, are to be submitted as the project report. The slides must be submitted in electronic form. The students should bring the presentations on a flash drives to be downloaded to the instructor's flash drive. Hardcopies of the project report will not be accepted

The students writing the paper will submit the paper instead of a set of PowerPoint slides. However, the students explaining their work experience are still required to submit a report consisting of the slides used in their presentation.

Report Format

The number of slides to be created by each group member is at the discretion of the member concerned. However, there must be adequate number of slides to convey clearly the the project work undertaken by each member of the group.  

For consistency, the slide style and the format used in the course slides (Lecture Notes) is recommended in preparing the slides for presentation. At a minimum, the presentation slides must include the following.

  • A title slide with the name of the group members

  • A slide showing the contents of the entire presentation 

  • The main body of the presentation divided into smaller modules 

  • A summary of the project

  • The web references used in the presentation listed separately at the end of the presentation

  • A glossary of key terms relating to the project topic

Project Grading

Project will be graded based on the following:

  • Relevancy of the topic to the course

  • Presentation and conformity to the presentation format

  • Technical contents

  • Demonstration of understanding

  • Hardware and software demonstration

Report Due Date

Unless modifications are suggested, the presentation slides are due immediately after the presentation of the project. The same rule applies to the submission of the written paper by those choosing to write the paper.

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