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The PowerPoint slides for each of the chapters can be downloaded from this page. In general, however, the lectures will not be based on these PowerPoint slides. Instead, the electronic whiteboard will be used for the in-class lectures. The slides are provided only as a reference, should you wish to download and view the slides.

The students are, however, expected to come prepared for the lectures by reading the chapters assigned for each week ahead of time.

Week  Slides (PowerPoint) Reference
    Section 1: Computers and its Application  
Week 1 Chapter 1:  Introduction to Computers
Week 2


Chapter 2:  The Internet and the World Wide Web

Chapter 3:  Application Software


        Section 2: Computer Hardware  
Week 3


Chapter 4:  The Components of the System Unit


Week 4


Chapter 5:  Input and Output

Chapter 6:  Storage


    Section 3: Computer Systems Operation and Communications  
Week 5


Chapter 7:  Operating Systems and Utility Programs


Week 6

Midterm Examination

Week 7

Chapter 8:  Communications and Networks (Part A)

                 Communications and Networks (Part B)

     Section 4: Computer Application Development  
Week 8


Chapter 11: Information System Development and Programming   Languages (Part A)

                  Information System Development and Programming (Part B)

Chapter 9:   Database Management


     Section 5: Computer Security and Enterprise Computing  
Week 9


Chapter 10:  Computer Security, Ethics and Privacy


Week 10

Chapter 12:  Enterprise Computing


Final Examination

Week 11    
  The End  


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