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There is no group project in this course. The students are however required to enroll in the recitation section of the course to fulfill the lab requirement for this course. The recitation refers to the hands-on software application laboratory session that forms one half part of this course.


Week Project Information Lab Project to be Completed and Submitted   Data Final Output

Vista 1

2 Word 1: Lab

Word 2: Lab

- Prepare an announcement with a resized clip art 

- Create a research paper with a header and a footer and with a footnote. Include a hyperlink in the research paper.

WD 79, Project 3

WD 132, Project 2
3 Word 3: Lab

Word X

- Compose a typical short resume using the resume wizard


- Prepare a cover letter with a table


- Create a web page using Word (Home Work)

WD 199, Project 1

WD 199, Project 2

Excel 1: Lab



Excel 2: Lab

- Create and format a business analysis worksheet with an embedded chart

- Prepare a weekly payroll worksheet with formulas and functions

EX 59, Project 2

Ex 132, Project 1
Table 1-9 on page EX59

Figure 1-83 on page EX60


Excel 3; Lab

Excel X:

- Prepare a and perform a what-if analysis Ex 146, Project 3 (Book) Table 3-1 Figure 3-1

Mid Term

- Create a web page and host the page on Tripod

- Midterm review and catch-up

7 Access 1: Lab 2






Access 2: Lab 2

- Create a bookkeeping database and retrieve and display data from the database
  • Create a new database and the Client and Trainer tables (Figures 1-1, Figure 1-10a and Figure 1-44)
  • Enter data into both tables
  • Formulate and run a simple query (AC36)
  • Design a Form and view data using the form (AC38)
  • Create a report and print a PDF copy of the report (AC43)

- Develop and store several queries to display information from the book example involving the client and the trainer

  • Simple query(AC68)
  • Use wild card in a query (AC77)
  • Parameter query (AC79)
  • Queries with multiple criteria (AND and OR) (AC83)
  • Sorted display of results based on single and multiple fields (AC85 and AC88)
  • Displaying unique values(AC87)
  • Join query (AC90)
  • Join query with special property (AC93)
  • Join query with restrictions (AC95)
  • Query with formula (AC96)
  • Query with computed statistics (AC99)
  • Query using grouping (AC103)
  • Crosstab query (AC104)
Use the book example to create a database, tables, a form and a report.




Use the book example to create several queries.

Client  and Trainer table  



Access 3: Lab






















Access X:

- Maintain the bookkeeping database by processing and maintaining the structure and the contents of the database
  • Update a record using a form (AC116)
  • Store in PDF format the output from a query after filtering and displaying the data (AC120)
  • Create a query using the advanced filtering/sorting method (AC123)
  • Delete a record (AC125)
  • Add a new field to the Client table (AC128)
  • Create an update query to update all records (AC136)
  • Experiment with deleting a group of records (AC138)
  • Create validation rules for specifying a required field, a range, a default value, a collection of legal values (AC139)
  • Experiment with updating a table containing validation rules (AC145)
  • Create a lookup field and change a field value of a record using the lookup field list (AC149)
  • Specify referential integrity (AC151) and view the sub-datasheets (AC153)
  • Create an index based on a single field (AC159)
  • Create an index based on multiple fields (AC161)


Use the book example with minor changes made to the stored data for the exercises.    
9 PowerPoint 1: Lab

PowerPoint 2: Lab

- Create a simple presentation with graphics and other features of PowerPoint

- Compose a presentation with graphics, clip-art, audio and self-timing presentation

10 Web Applications: - Overview of Web applications of Office, finals review and catch-up      
11 Finals - Final week      

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