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The PowerPoint slides for each of the chapters can be downloaded from this page. In general, however, the lectures are not based on these PowerPoint slides. Instead, actual demonstrations will be conducted to illustrate the functional features of Microsoft Office . The slides are provided only as a reference and convenience to the students, should they wish to download and view the slides.

The students are, however, required to come prepared for the lectures by reading the chapters assigned for each week ahead of time.

Week  Application Slides (PowerPoint) Reference
     Section 1: Introduction  
Week 1 Windows Vista Chapter 1: Introduction to Microsoft Vista
     Section 2: Word  
Week 2 Word


Chapter 1:  Creating and Editing a Word Document

Chapter 2:  Creating a Research Paper


Week 3  

Chapter 3:  Creating Cover Letter and a Resume

Chapter x:  Creating a Web Page Using Word

     Section 3: Excel  
Week 4 Excel


Chapter 1:  Creating a Worksheet and an Embedded Chart

Chapter 2:  Formulas, Functions, Formatting and Web Queries


Week 5  


Chapter 3:  What-if Analysis, Charting and Windows with Large Worksheets

Chapter X:   Creating Web Pages Using Excel


Week 6  

Midterm Examination

     Section 4: Access  
Week 7  

Chapter 1:  Creating and Using a Database

Chapter 2:  Querying a Database              

Week 8  

Chapter 3:  Maintaining a Database            

Chapter X:  Sharing Data Among Applications

     Section 5: PowerPoint  
Week 9  


Chapter 1:  Creating and Editing a Presentation

Chapter 2:  Creating a Presentation with Illustrations and Shapes


Week 10  

Chapter x:   Creating Web Pages Using PowerPoint


Final Examination

Week 11   Final Examination  
    The End  


(c) Professor N. Ganesan, All Rights Reserved.