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Examination Format 

There will be two examinations conducted during the quarter. One will be the mid-term examination and the other will be the final examination. 

Mid-Term Examination

The midterm examination will be held on the sixth week during regular lecture hours in the lecture hall. The questions will be based on the material covered in the previous five weeks. The examination is divided into two parts. The first part will cover the lecture component and the second part will cover the lab (recitation) component.

The test will be composed of multiple-choice questions. There will be a total of 100 questions of which the first 50 questions will come from the lecture component and remaining 50 questions will come from the lab complement. The midterm examination will be a closed-book examination.

Final Examination

The final examination will be held on the date and time printed on the Class Schedule. It will be conducted in the regular lecture hall. The duration of the examination is 2 hours and 30 minutes. The examination format will be similar to the midterm examination. Altogether, there will be 100 questions with 50 questions drawn from the lecture component and the remaining 50 questions drawn from the lab component. The questions will be composed to test the knowledge of the material covered after the midterm examination. The final examination will also be a closed-book examination.   

Examination Schedule and Venue 

Examination  Week Time Venue Coverage 
Midterm 6th Regular CIS 100 Lecture Time CIS Lecture Hall Weeks 1-5
Final Examination  11th As indicated in the University Final Examination Schedule CIS Lecture Hall Weeks 7-10

Policy on Make-up Examination

A make-up examination will not be conducted except under extreme and compelling conditions of personal distress. Unfortunate circumstances relating to you or to an immediate family member may be considered only with appropriate documentation. Excuses will not be accepted during the week immediately preceding the midterm or final examinations. In this case, any request for the assignment of an incomplete grade will automatically be rejected.

In the extreme event that a make-up examination is conducted, the penalties assigned due to the delay in conducting the examination will be as follows:

Examination Delay Penalty
1 Week 15%
2 Weeks or more 25%

No examination will be conducted prior to the scheduled examination dates. There will not be a make-up examination conducted for the final examination.

Cumulative Score Computation

The cumulative score on which the letter grade is computed for the course will be based on 50% contribution from the lecture component and 50% contribution from the lab component expressed as follows. 

1. Midterm Examination - Lecture Section                 25%

2. Final Examination      - Lecture Section                 25%

Total Contribution from the Lecture Component  50%

The 50% contribution from the lab component will be based on the following percentage ratios.

         1. Midterm Examination -  Lab Section                       20%

         2. Final Examination      -  Lab Section                       20%

         3. Lab Portfolio or Reports                                         10%

         Total Contribution from the Lab Component          50%

Assignment of Letter Grade

The final letter grade will be assigned based on a curve depicting the cumulative score distribution of the students in the class.


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