SAP University Aliance


BS CIS Student Recognition Award Certificate Program
Department of Information Systems

College of Business and Economics, CSULA


Student Achievement Recognition

The students in the BS CIS program are eligible to receive the SAP Recognition Award after completing three designated courses as the College of Business and Economics (CBE) is a member school of the University Alliances (UA) program. This Recognition Award certificate is issued by the college signed by the CBE Dean and the SAP UA Program Director. The purpose is to recognize students at UA member universities that have spent notable time using the SAP enterprise suite.


Program Implementation at the College

The program will be implemented in the following two phases.


Step 1 SAP Student Recognition Award Certificate

The plan is now in implementation. By completing three of the following courses,

       CIS301 Management Information Systems (GBI Modules and ERPSIM)

       CIS405 Database Design and Development (SAP BW and BI)

       CIS451 Fundamentals of ERP SAP (SAP Business Processes Implementation)

       CIS459 Advanced Information Systems Development (SAP Configuration)

       CIS487 Decision Support Systems (SAP BW, BI and Data Analytics)


With a C or better grade in three of the above courses, a student will be eligible to receive the SAP University Alliance Recognition Award Certificate.


Step 2 SAP TERP10 Professional Certificate

Students wanting to pursue further in SAP as a professional career can proceed to obtain the SAP TERP10 professional certificate. To obtain this certificate, students who have completed three SAP related courses from a UA member school need to follow an additional two-week long TERP10 Academy taught by a SAP TERP10 instructor. The examination will be administered by SAP on the last day of the two-week course. The SAP UA offers TERP10 Certificate Academy in the greater Los Angeles area.