List of Courses (CIS) - Undergraduate Level

Lower Division Courses

CIS 100 Business Computer Systems  (4)
Computer system fundamentals;  computer hardware and software concepts; introduction to microcomputer software.
CIS 283 Introduction to Application Programming  (4)
Prerequisite: CIS 100. Introduction to business application programming: concepts and techniques of structured and
object programming including data representation, input-output, calculations, reporting, sorting, and file update.

Upper Division Courses

Upper division standing is prerequisite to enrollment in 300- and 400-level CIS courses.

CIS 301 Management Information Systems  (4)
Prerequisites: CIS 100, ACCT 200B.  Organizational context of computer-based information systems;  common business applications;  information architecture;  user role in systems development.
CIS 320 PC Office Suites (4)
Prerequisites: CIS 100, BUS 305.  Intensive, hands-on instruction in software suite applications using Microsoft Office.  Includes introductory and intermediate study of word processing, desktop publishing, spreadsheets, graphics, data base management, presentations design, desktop information management, application integration, and internet integration.
CIS 383 Advanced Application Programming  (4)
Prerequisite: CIS 283.Programming of complex, integrated business application systems;  advanced language features such as table handling and subroutines;  job control concepts.
CIS 400 Database Server Administration (4)
Prerequisite: CIS 405A. Basic Unix and SQL commands. Database architecture, administrative tasks. Hands-on instance startup / shutdown, creating operational database, managing tablespaces, files, users, privileges, resources. Using data dictionary. Remote administration of database.
CIS 405A Analysis and Logical Design I: Data Base  (4)
Prerequisites: Knowledge of Microsoft Windows and programming language.  Role of data base in information systems; data modeling using entity-relationship analysis; relational data base concepts; normalization; SQL/query language; implementation of a single-user data base application on a microcomputer.
CIS 405B Analysis and Design II: Systems  (4)
Prerequisite: CIS 405A.  Life cycle and methodologies; requirements determination, logical design, physical design, test and implementation planning, and performance evaluation; communication and interpersonal skills; analysis methods and tools; impact of emerging technologies.
CIS 405C Advanced Information Systems Development  (4) 
Prerequisite: CIS 405B.  Physical design and implementation of an information system; development in an object-based programming and relational database environment; group project.
CIS 410 Hardware and Software Architecture (4)
Prerequisites:CIS 283.  Analysis of contemporary information technology architectures and environments, including: multi-tiered client/server architectures; enterprise, workgroup, and personal systems hardware and operating systems; and systems and program planning and development tools.
CIS 413 Planning and Controlling the Automated Office (4)
Management functions as applied to the traditional and automated office environment along with an evaluation, implementation, control and adjustment of the office environment information system.
CIS 445 Network Application Development
Prerequisite: CIS 405A. Design and implementation of multi-user business applications emphasizing client/server technology.
CIS 450 Advanced Data Base Design  (4)
Prerequisite: CIS 405A.  Object-oriented data modeling and design for database systems; unified modeling language; distributed database; role of the data administrator.
CIS 451 Mainframe Database Technology (4)
Prerequisite: CIS 405.  Mainframe data base analysis/programming; relational model and data definition and manipulation using IBM DB2 and Structured Query Language (SQL);  systems applications architecture contexts; physical data structures and interface with COBOL/CICS.
CIS 452 Customer Information Control System  (4)
Prerequisite: CIS 383.  CICS/VS command level with ANS COBOL including program concepts, transactions, tasks, creating maps, terminal input/output commands, and file maintenance.
CIS 453 Application Programming in C++ Language (4)
Prerequisite: CIS 283.  Effective use of advanced features of C++ to develop integrated sets of application programs for business organizations.
CIS 454 Special Topics in Computer Information Systems  (4)
Prerequisite: Varies with topic;  see Schedule of Classes for specific prerequisite.  In-depth presentation and analysis of topics significant to contemporary business world;  lectures, discussions, speakers, and research projects. May be repeated twice for credit up to 8 units.
CIS 455 Visual Basic (4)
Prerequisite: Any programming language.  Design, construction, and use of visual basic programs.  Interfaces to the database management systems.
CIS 457 Java Programming (4)
Prerequisite: CIS 453.  Object-Oriented programming for business applications in Java.  Includes applications versus applets, classes, interfaces, arrays, multimedia, exceptions, and threads.
CIS 461 Web Development I  (4)
Prerequisites:  CIS 301, 410. Web Publishing. Programming for the web and web publishing tools
CIS 484 Communications Systems  (4)
Prerequisite:  CIS 100.  Business data communications and local area network topics including data communications theory, communication hardware and software, microcomputers in communications, LANs, on-line services, electronic mail, and WANs.
CIS 485 Local Area Networks (4)
Prerequisite: CIS 484. Networking fundamentals, design and implementation of a LAN, user and resource management, internetworking and interfacing with the Internet; hands-on exposure to a popular network operating system of the time.
CIS 486 Managing Information Systems Projects (4)
Prerequisites: CIS 405B, MGMT 307.  Effective  behavioral and technical techniques in managing  information systems development over the project life cycle.
CIS 487 Decision Support Systems  (4)
Prerequisites: CIS 100FIN 303ECON 391 or MGMT 306.  Computer-based decision analysis techniques and software packages;  use of spreadsheet facilities, expert systems, optimization, and simulation techniques.
CIS 490 Capstone: Information Systems (4)
Prerequisite: Senior standing and a passing grade on the WPE. Integration of information systems and technology core courses. Provides exposure to roles of information systems and technology professionals in industry.