Graduate Level Courses (CIS)

Classified graduate standing and approval by the College of Business and Economics Advisement Center are required for admission to all 500-level courses. 

CIS 500 Information Systems for Management (4)
Hardware, systems software, applications software, and telecommunication components and architecture of operational and management oriented information systems. Cases in managing the acquisition and use of custom developed and packaged systems.
CIS 501 Application Programming (4)
Prerequisite: CIS 100 or equivalent. Algorithm development for business applications using structured and object oriented programming; planning, designing, coding, debugging, and documenting programs.
CIS 502 Analysis and Logical Design I: Data/Object Structures (4)
Prerequisite: CIS 501. Introduction to data structures and to structured, relational, and object database management systems. Designing and programming personal and production oriented data base system.
CIS 503Z Analysis and Logical Design II: Methodology (4)
Prerequisite: CIS 501. Package and custom systems development life cycles. Feasibility and requirements determination. Process, data and object modeling, design, and implementation. Change management.
CIS 504 Information Systems  (4)
Overview of computer, communication and software systems.  Cases in: business applications of information technology, managing the acquisition and use of application systems, and working with the Information Systems Organization.
CIS 510 IS/IT Architectures (4)
Prerequisite: procedural language programming experience. Analysis of contemporary information technology architectures and environments, including: multi-tiered client/server architectures; enterprise, workgroup, and personal systems hardware and operating systems; and business systems planning and development tools.
CIS 520 Software Engineering (4)
Status and problems with the methodologies and tools underlying the specification, estimation, justification, design, development, installation and maintenance of large business software and systems integration projects.
CIS 527 Seminar: Decision Support Systems  (4)
Corequisite:  CIS 598.  Analysis, design, management, and use of tools needed to mine decision support data from data warehouses, the Web, and commercial information services.
CIS 528 Current Problems in Computer Information Systems  (4)
Prerequisite:  CIS 504. Latest research projects in computer information systems; application of research techniques and results to specific problems.  May be repeated once as subject matter changes. 
CIS 543 Data Base Systems  (4)
Data base concepts; comparison of relational and object-oriented modeling for data base systems; unified modeling language for data bases; principles of data warehousing; data base administration and development tools; case study in data base design.
CIS 560 Seminar: Microcomputer Networks  (4)
Prerequisite:  CIS 484 or 585.  Advanced technology concepts and developments seminar; trends in hardware and associated operating systems and architecture; Distributed Information Systems  (distributed data processing), networking, data communications related to networks.
CIS 561 Design of an E-Commerce Site (4)
Prerequisite: basic knowledge of HTML or XML. Analysis, development, and design of a web-based e-commerce site model for an actual business. Team projects incorporating web design, electronic transfer processing, and site development/maintenance.
CIS 562  Authoring Websites (4)
Prerequisite: Knowledge of Procedural Language Programming. Design of websites, based on visual, color, content, animation, and hierarchical elements. Tailoring format and writing for the specific audience, purpose, and media. Incorporating interactivity to enhance understanding and usability.
CIS 567 Seminar:  Business Expert Systems  (4)
Prerequisite: Procedural language programming experience. Analysis, design, implementation, and management of decision support and expert systems.  Hands on development of a decision support/expert systems model.
CIS 581 Health Care Information Systems  (4)
Overview of computer, communication and software systems.  Cases in health care information technology applications.  Development, acquisition and use of custom and packaged application systems.  Working with the Information Systems Organization.
CIS 583 Information Systems Consulting (4)
Approaches and tools for consulting to the modern information-age organization, presentation of the results of actual information systems consulting projects;  student case study presentations.
CIS 584 Seminar:  Controlling and Auditing Computer Systems  (4)
Controlling on-line interactive computer/data communication systems as a challenge to management and to internal and external auditors. 
CIS 585 Communication and Information Services  (4)
Prerequisite: CIS 504. Voice and data communication technologies that underlay the Internet;  tools and strategies needed for e-commerce and information services.
CIS 586 Information Systems Project and Change Management (4)
Organizational, behavioral and life-cycle aspects of the project planning, staffing, control, and implementation elements of technology based systems.
CIS 590 IS/IT Policy and Strategy (4)
Prerequisite: CIS 504. Discussion of the strategic perspective for aligning organizational strategy, core competencies, and information systems and technology. Partnership roles of the CEO and CIO.
CIS 598 Graduate Directed Study (1)
Investigation of an approved project leading to written report; project selected in conference with seminar professor, and arrangements made for regular meetings during quarter.  May be repeated for credit.