CIS487/CIS527 Decision Support Systems


Instructor: Dr. M. Wang

Office: ST #609

Office Hours:  Monday 5:30-6:00 p.m.; MW 10-11:30 a.m.; TR 4-4:15 p.m.

Office Phone: (323) 343-2983  

Web Site URL:


Textbooks: SAP University Alliances Business Warehouse material downloads


Software Tools: SAP BW, SAP ECC 6.x, SAPSIM, Oracle, Access and Excel


Course Description: Computer-based decision analysis techniques and software packages; use of SAP BW, SAPSIM games, spreadsheets and DBMSs. The course will introduce students' knowledge in data warehouse, data mining, data analytics and decision support systems.

Instructional Procedures:
Classroom activities will consist of lecture, example demonstration and in-class exercises. The contents taught in class will be followed by homework assignments, projects and exams.

Assessment of Academic Achievement:
Assignments (20%)

Projects: (18%)
Mid-terms (28%)
Final Exam (34%)

The final grade will be determined on the above performance.
Grading scale: A 90-100%, B 80-89%, C 70-79%, D 60-69%, F 0-59%  

Class Policies:

Projects and Assignments: Students are expected to accomplish their projects and assignment independently.

To receive full credit, a project or an assignment must be completed on time on the date due. Work load and other course load will not be excused. Late penalties will be assessed as follows:

Up to 24 hours after time due --- 25% penalty
Over 24 hours after time due --- 100% penalty

Tests: Exams are cumulative in nature for this course. Absence from a test is excused only in a personal medical emergency.

Responsibility: Class attendance is required. Important work will be done in class. Regular attendance will improve your performance. Students will be responsible for all course assignments, lecture notes, handouts and announcements via postings to the class web site. If class is missed, it is the student's responsibility to drop any assignments due at the IS Department's office with time stamped. Make sure you receive a receipt acknowledgement if you have to e-mail a softcopy assignment to the instructor in a special situation.