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College of Business and Economics
Department of Information Systems

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Courses in Fall 2012
CIS-301 Management Information Systems
CIS-405 Database Design and Development
BUS-514A Managing Business Processes I
Office Hours in Fall 2012

Courses Previously Taught
CIS-283 Introduction to Java Programming
CIS-405B Analysis and Design II
CIS-405C Advanced Information Systems
CIS-454 Fundamentals of ERP Using SAP
CIS-457 Advanced Java Programming
CIS-458 E-Business Applications Development
CIS-461 Web Design and Development for E-business
CIS-487 Decision Support Systems
CIS-504 Information Systems
CIS-520 Software Engineering
CIS-527 Seminar: Decision Support Systems
CIS-543 Database Systems
CIS-561 Design of E-Commerce
CIS-581 Health Care Information Systems

5151 State University Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90032-8120
Office:Room 609 ST
Voice:(323) 343-2958
Fax:(323) 343-5209

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