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Who is "Martin S. Roden"?

Hi - Thanks for checking my home page. I hope you don't find it too boring. The following is pretty dry and formal, but sometimes a person needs to appear stuffy and traditional.

Martin S. Roden is an internationally-renowned textbook author, having written 18 major textbooks which have been used at hundreds of universities around the world. He was also co-Chairman of the IEEE Communications/Signal Processing/Vehicular Technology Chapter for Los Angeles. Among his many awards are the Cal State L.A. Outstanding Professor Award (1981), the AT&T Foundation Award for Excellence in Teaching (1990), the Institute for the Advancement of Engineering Outstanding Educator Award (1992), and the Engineers' Council Distinguished Engineering Educator of the Year award (1997). He was selected by Cal State L.A. as their candidate for the Statewide Trustees Outstanding Professor Award (1995). He is a recipient of an IEEE Millennium Medal (2000). He is the recipient of the President's Distinguished Professor Award for 2002-2003. In September, 2005, he was awarded emeritus status by California State University, Los Angeles.

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Analog and Digital Communications, Fifth Edition was released on November 1, 2002. The text is being published by Discovery Press. The ISBN number is 0-9646969-7-5, and the price is $53.95. Books can be ordered through Discovery Press at the following phone numbers:
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Available since 2002- Electronic Design, Fourth Edition. This is a thoroughly updated and revised version of the earlier text. It was published by Discovery Press (earlier editions were published by Benjamin/Cummings). In addition to 1024 pages loaded with valuable design-oriented material, the text comes with free software - the just-released student version of MICRO-CAP VII. If you are among the tens of thousands of people who have used earlier version of MicroCap, you know how user-friendly this SPICE-based simulation software is. But you "ain't seen nothin' yet". MicroCap VII has improved on an already excellent product. It now handles mixed analog and digital processing!!! I am really excited that Spectrum Software agreed to let us include the Student Version with our new textbook. Earlier student versions of MicroCap have been sold to students at prices approaching $50. Now students can get both the textbook and the software for just a little more than they previously paid for the software alone. The CD packaged with the text contains the software and also a user's manual written by Dr. Roden. Also included is Tina Pro software for simulating systems. For additional information, click here

Teaching Interests

I have taught a variety of courses in Systems, Communications and Electronics. I was also responsible for the department writing program, and have regularly taught Engineering Professionalism and Ethics. My goal has always been to make learning fun, and to teach students how to learn. 

In September of 2003, I was asked to assume the role of Interim Associate Dean of the College of Engineering, Computer Science and Technology. This was the second time in my career that I have accepted the position of Associate Dean. This assignment presented a whole new set of challenges, particularly in light of the budget situation in the State of California. The unfortunate part of this is that it temporarily took me out of the classroom. But hopefully I was able to help our students in different ways during this period of time. 

Effective September of 2005, I took early retirement from Cal State L.A. It has been a great 37 years. I will probably be returning from time to time to do some teaching. 

Research Interests

I started my Engineering career as a staff engineer at Bell Telephone Labs. Since moving to California, I have been a consultant to a wide variety of organizations, including Hughes Aircraft Ground Systems Group, Magnavox Advanced Products Division, and KOR Electronics. I have regularly conducted funded on-campus research for JPL, NASA, and the National Security Agency. My research has included significant work by undergraduate and graduate students. Recent research has focused on blind equalization in low signal-to-noise ratio environments. For a more detailed description of my research, please click here. However please note that the program described on these web pages was discontinued at the time of my retirement.

Representative Professional Activities

2004 Co-Chair of VTC-04 Fall. This is the international conference of the Vehicular Technology Society of IEEE. The theme is "Wireless Technologies for Global Security"  For information, go to:

University Level Textbooks

2009 Writing and Speaking for Technical Professionals (with Teressa E. Murphy-Retired Vice President of IBM Global Network Services), Discovery Press, 2009;
2003 Analog and Digital Communication Systems, Fifth Edition, Discovery Press, 2003; Fourth Edition, Prentice Hall, 1996; Third Edition, 1991; Second Edition, 1985; First Edition, 1979
2002 Electronic Circuit Design, Benjamin/Cummings, Fourth Edition,  Discovery Press, 2002; Third Edition, Discovery Press, 1997; Second Edition, Benjamin/Cummings, 1991; First Edition, 1987
1998 Principles and Practice of Electrical Engineering, Great Lakes Press - Wrote Communications Chapter of this PE Review textbook
1997 Electrical Engineering Handbook, CRC Press, 2004 - Invited chapter on High Definition Television
2000 PE Review, Communications. Videotape series from IEEE.
2002 Communications Handbook, Second Edition CRC Press, 2002 - Invited chapter on Multiplexing in Digital Communications
1993 MICRO-CAP IV, student software manual, Addison Wesley, 1993
1991 MICRO-CAP III, student software manual, Addison Wesley, 1991
1989 Electrical Engineering Design, Prentice Hall, 1989
1988 Digital Communication Systems Design, Prentice Hall, 1988

Educational Background

Prior to developing an interest in Electrical Engineering, I was "into" music. I took both piano lessons and tap dancing lessons. Here is an early picture taken at the Jackson Heights Tap Dancing School recital. Shortly after this picture was taken, I decided to redirect my career path in a different direction.

PhD Electrical Engineering June 1982
[*]Kensington University
Glendale, California
GSP Certificate Electrical Engineering June 1968
[*]Bell Telephone Labs
Murray Hill, New Jersey
MSEE Electrical Engineering June 1965
[*]Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn
New York, NY
BSEE Electrical Engineering [summa cum laude] June 1963
[*]Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn
New York, NY