Name: Pearl Conden

Birth Date: May 16, 1988

Hometown: Tafuna, American Samoa

Worksite: Boeing Intergrated Defense Systems

Career Interest: Biochemical Engineering


          I am a fun and an outgoing person. I like to play sports like, basketball and volleyball. I like to make friends with new people. I like to go to new places and experience new things. I plan to travel the world one day, like Europe and Asia. I hope to become successful when I am older to make my family proud and to represent my home in everything I d, and most of all to fulfill my dreams. I am in the first generation to attend college and will not be the last. God and my family are the two most important things in my life, because without them I would not be here right now.

Apartment #: 2306

Roommate: Monica Martin

What did you think about living in your apartment?

My apartment was pretty cool in the beginning but, ever since my RA left it has never been the same. No, but that did not stop me from doing what I wanted to do, I just went next door. My apartment overall is the best apartment out of all the apartments around here. I mean we never fight or argue, we live in perfect harmony!!!

What did you learn from being in an apartment with other people?

I learned how to get along with complete strangers. It helped me develop my social skills and my capability to be independent.

Describe what you did and learned at your summer work site.

I work at Boeing Integrated Defense Systems in the Department of Safety and Reliability. The department that I work at is responsible for issuing reports to the customers to ensure the reliability of all the equipment included in a mission. I am currently working of the Defense Meteorological Satellite Program, which is a program or a mission planned to launch in December of this year. I basically handle the graphs and tables. I look at each drawing and I interpret the data into tables and charts.

What was your favorite experience at NASA SHARP?

My favorite experience would have to be when we all went to the WNBA to watch the game between the LA Sparks and the Seattle Storms. This was my first time ever attending a WNBA basketball game. I had so much fun watching the game and enjoying my time with the other sharpies. It was a great and an unforgettable experience. Though it kind of sucked that the LA Sparks lost 70 – 77.

Words to live by:

“Absent in body, but present in spirit” - The Holy Bible, New Testament, Corinthians 1:3

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