Name: Nina Garcia

Birth Date: July 17, 1988

Hometown: Lubbock, Texas

Worksite: Boeing Satellite Development Center

Career Interest: Aerospace Engineering/Physics


          No matter how hard a situation may be, we are all placed in them for a reason.

Apartment #: 2304

Roommate: Kawthar ElBishlawi

What did you think about living in your apartment?

I love it. I like how we have so much diversity in one apartment. It teaches us to value our separate personalities.

What did you learn from being in an apartment with other people?

Being clean and organized is a MUST. We have responsibilities that we dont realize because we live with our parents who do things for us.

Describe what you did and learned at your summer work site.

At my worksite, my mentors have taught me a number of things. In this short time that I have been here, I have learned so much about what parts make what on the satellites and their functions. I am also learning how to be a better writer.

What was your favorite experience at NASA SHARP?

My favorite experience during NASA SHARP would have to be the fact that we are put into a situation where we dont know anyone and pretty much have to fend for ourselves. Learning to meet new people is a characteristic that is hard to achieve. I love knowing that there are people in the world with the same ambitions as I. Finally, actually getting to know how to have a real job is a skill that, at our age, is very rare.

Words to live by:

Its only after weve lost everything, that were free to do anything. Fight Club

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