Name: Kawthar ElBishlawi

Birth Date: January 27, 1988

Hometown: North Bergen, New Jersey

Worksite: Northrop Grumman

Career Interest: Space Technology


          I have had the best time these past two months with you people. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone that made me laugh and enjoy myself during my time here. Seeing all these people from different parts of the country makes me want to travel. To Virginia and Samoa you know who you are donít forget about me and come visit Jersey some time. I havenít forgotten about New York we live close so keep in touch. To all the Sharpies from different parts thanks for showing me a different side of the country.

Apartment #: 2304

Roommate: Nina Garcia

What did you think about living in your apartment?

I think that we had the cleanest apartment. Everyone wanted to hang out there and watch movies because we know how to have the most fun.

What did you learn from being in an apartment with other people?

You have to learn to cooperate with other people. Everyone is different and you have to learn to adapt to others personalities and traits.

Describe what you did and learned at your summer work site.

The journey through the Northrop Grumman Space Technology Corporation (NGST) has opened my eyes to a new experience. This internship exposes you to the real work environment. At Northrop Grumman every Wednesday, they have speakers come and talk to the interns on various topics from "Satellite-to-Satellite Communication using lasers" to effective networking tips. At one of these sessions Alexis Livanos, president of NGST, came to speak with all the interns about his experience and his rise to the top of the corporate ladder. Networking and interoffice communication skills are one of the most important skills that I have learned working in a business setting. My research project at Northrop Grumman was Equalizer Tuning, and my mentor was Kelvin Lee. The basis of my project to tune a signal because a systemís output signal level is often the critical factor in the design and performance of RF and microwave equipment.

What was your favorite experience at NASA SHARP?

My favorite experience at the NASA Sharp program has been meeting all these wonderful people. Being from one part of the country you never get to experience different regions personalities and coming here you can get a taste of the whole country. To all the people (you know who you are) that I have laughed and had fun with thank you for making my summer great. I am really going to miss all you guys.

Words to live by:

"If A is success in life, then A equals x plus y plus z. Work is x; y is play; and z is keeping your mouth shut." - Albert Einstein

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