Name: Joel Melvin

Birth Date: June 26, 1988

Hometown: Keams Canyon, Arizona

Worksite: Boeing Intergrated Defense Systems

Career Interest: Engineering


          I believe that people have to work to get what they want in life and it is not simply given to them. This first line haas told a little bit of what kind of person I am. To give you a little more information on where I come from and what I like to do. First off I come from Keams Canyon, Arizona a very small and tight knit community located on the Hopi Reservation. During my free time I like to hike and rock climb in the canyons that are literally in my back yard. Also I like getting together with my friends and have a good time.
What my daily routine during the week here in California involves going to work where I am interning for Boeing Integrated Defense Systems doing work on a new method of calculating the life span of different metals. After work I get the rest of the day off where I can do something with the other people at our apartments or just relax. I work four days a week, so I have a three day weekend. This is filled up with daily activities set by Dr. Tabrizi, our site director, which involves one day of educational activity, such as a class in basic programming and the other two days we do other activities like going to Venice Beach or going to Magic Mountain for example.

Apartment #: 2206

Roommate: Edward Weng

What did you think about living in your apartment?

During my stay here at Cal-State LA I live in apartment 2206 located in Phase II. In my opinion my apartment is great. When I first applied for this program I thought that I would be staying in a cramped dorm with community bathrooms and small rooms. However, when I reached Cal-State LA I found out that we would be staying in apartments, not small ones either. I loved the big open living room that had enough space to seat everyone in our apartment and some guests from the other apartments if we invited them over. The thought that I wouldn’t be sharing a bathroom with an either floor was also a big comfort.

What did you learn from being in an apartment with other people?

Living in an apartment with other people has also helped me learn how to live with other people and helped me prepare for college life. I learned that one person may not want to do the dishes or the cooking all the time and may need to rotate around. Generally I’ve learned how to live together with other people from different backgrounds and ethnicities and become great friends with all sorts of people.

Describe what you did and learned at your summer work site.

My activities at worksite, Boeing Integrated Defense Systems, have centered around researching a process of predicting the lifespan of metallic objects by mathematical processes. The reason this research is critical is because currently there is no compiled data from all the tests done on metals making it difficult and time consuming to try and look up a certain metal’s strength. Another reason this research is essential is because it would diminish the need for expensive tests conducted to see a metal’s strength. From my activities here at Boeing I have increased my knowledge of mathematics especially in the area of physics by learning about how different materials react to pressure and how to predict at what time and pressure level they will break at. Also at my worksite I have had the privilege of going on a tour of almost all of the testing and manufacturing areas and actually seeing the tests conducted on the metals and I also got to see some of the other testing and manufacturing of different materials other than metal, such as ceramic plates or wires

What was your favorite experience at NASA SHARP?

I would have to say was when we went on our first food run and came back with all of the food for our apartment. It was a great feeling, the sense that you could buy whatever you wanted to eat and have no one to complain to you how it wasn’t healthy. However the thing that got me so I say that this was the best experience I’ve had at NASA SHARP was when we finally had all of the food in our apartment sitting on the table and how I felt like I was the richest man in the world with all that food piled up in front of me. Of course it was only later that everyone in our apartment found out that we couldn’t survive on Top Ramen and lunch meat very comfortably.

Words to live by:

“Success in life is not given to those who deserve it, but to those who work to find it” - Joel Melvin


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