Name: Christopher Williams

Birth Date: October 11, 1988

Hometown: Upper Marlboro, Maryland

Worksite: Boeing Satellite Development Center

Career Interest: Aerospace Engineering


          Finally the Champ has come to Los Angeles California

Apartment #: 2206

Roommate: Nikhil Singh

What did you think about living in your apartment?

The showers stink and itís always been a bit trashy but habitable.

What did you learn from being in an apartment with other people?

I learned that itís much easier when you only have to worry about yourself.

Describe what you did and learned at your summer work site.

So far this summer I have learned a lot more about satellites and their basic structure. I now have extensive knowledge on what they do, how theyíre made, and what makes them so important. At Boeing Satellite Development Center I have had an opportunity to build samples (coupons) for a new satellite part. Along with one of my mentors I was able to use the actual materials used to make satellites and gain lots of hands on lab experience. I believe the time I have spent at Boeing Satellite Development Center will prove to be extremely beneficial.

What was your favorite experience at NASA SHARP?

The NASA SHARP program has held many exciting experiences. I have greatly enjoyed them all. Trips such as going to the beach, amusement parks, and the mountains have all been wonderful. But the experience that has truly been my favorite is having the opportunity to live and spend a lot of time with the very interesting people of the program. Socializing and sharing ideas with my fellow sharpies at the dorms has given me a chance to learn a wide variety of information and have a lot of fun doing it. This is definitely my favorite part about the NASA SHARP program.

Words to live by:

"This is my story and its going to go the way I want it to, or Ill end it here" -  Tidus FFX


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