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Faculty Coordinator                   Dr. Lili Tabrizi                        Dept. of Electrical Engr.

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Congratulations!! You have stumbled across the California State University, Los Angeles NASA SHARP website. This website features the ma

ny personalities of the students who attended the NASA SHARP program at CalstateLA. For eight weeks, the NASA "sharpies" embarked on an all-expense (almost) paid trip to Los Angeles, California. Students were awarded the opportunity to conduct meaningful research in the field of engineering.

About the Program

The NASA Summer High School Apprenticeship Research Program (NASA SHARP)  is a research-based mentoring Program that was established by NASA in 1980. The Program operates for a minimum of eight weeks during the summer months at participating NASA Field Installations in the commuter component and at participating Host Universities in the residential component. NASA SHARP was designed to increase underrepresented students' participation and success rates in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM); thereby increasing the pool of underrepresented STEM progressionals. To support this effort, NASA is committed to reaching out to high school students who have a sincere interest in STEM.

This year, MTSI received 1500+ applications from some of the most talented and gifted students in the nation and its territories. Of this pool, 140 students were selected to participate in the residential component. Twenty students were selected to attend the NASA SHARP program at California State University, Los Angeles. During the eight-week duration of this program, the CalstateLA students conducted research at 4 locations: Northrop Grumman Space Technologies, Boeing Satellite Systems, Boeing Integrated Defense Systems and the Multidisciplinary Flight Dynamics an Control Laboratory lab.