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Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274, USA

(Southern California)


To teach / train the technologies of the future with an honest support staff who understand the power of sharing information.  


Master of Science in Information Systems,  08/94
Hawaii Pacific University, Honolulu,Hawaii; Allumni Meeting ;Grad Program;or HPU
Thesis:  Integration Requirements for Hospital Information Systems (HIS)  using Picture Archiving Communication Systems (PACS) - Establishing preliminary standards and practices for(PACS) Bachelor of Science in Business, concentration in IS CSU,DH;USA; Liberal Art Degree LA Harbor College, USA;Miraleste High School; RPV, CA; USA top

Oct 98-Present

California State University,Los Angeles , CA, USA; Lecturer Continuing Education Dept.: C++ Programming Condensed: Instructor Courses on Campus CIS Dept:: Office 97 lecture/ lab ; HTML Web Design - 4 units 3)Programming in C++ ; Sytems Design & Anaylsis -4 units; Sytems Archetecture ; Oracle ;.   top

Oct 99-June 00t 

Contracted Computer Corporation, Marina Del Rey, CA, USA Corporate Software Training; Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Database - Levels 1,2 & 3; HTML / JavaScript); ActiveX, Lotus - Domino Products - QuickPlace & SameTime for RealTime Collaboration &Online Project Management ; ;MS NetMeeting

Oct 99-Present 

Zanda Corporation, Palos Verdes, CA, USA Portal Manager; Content Creator; Functionality Consultingsamples

Help Desk Specialist
May 98-Dec 98

Alpha Therapeutic Corp., LA Internal Support, troubleshooting system,software (ie. Office 97, Groupwise e-mail, Paradox, Visio) Documentation& network issues, dispatching call for hardware installations, removals,or repairs, or for Network Administration services.Alph rehired 13yr employee who wanted job back. top

Instructor (Contract completed)

Computer Learning Center-LA Courses: 1) Systems Analysis& Design 2) DOS/Windows  3) Introduction to Data Processing Operating systems, Terminology, Hardware/Software basics, Numbering Systems, Flowcharting, and Programming Concepts Lab instruction for DOS (Disk Operating System) version 6.2. top

Teaching  (Contract Fullfilled)

Junipero Serra High School  Courses:  Computer Literacy , BASIC Programming (1/2 Lecture, 1/2 Hands-on ; Lecture on Database, Spreadsheet, Word-processing ; Four classes per day, 90 students total, with only nine working Apple computers.

Computer Systems

IBM and PC compatable ,NT,  some Apple & Macintosh.

Programming Languages

HTML, C++, ,COBOL, Pascal & Basic programming,  DOS. ;   top

System Development Sofware:

MS Visual C++ 6.0, Excellorator System Development,VisibleAnalyst

Contract Training

MSOffice 97, 2000 & Mellinium Edition including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access Database - Levels 1,2 & 3; HTML / JavaScript; ActiveX, Lotus - Domino Products - QuickPlace & SameTime for RealTime Collaboration &Online Project Management ; MS NetMeeting , MS Netmeeting, Lotus Domino SameTime, Lotus Quickplace

Hands On

Office 97, Groupwise e-mail,some  Paradox, some Visio, Photoshop Pagemaker, Scanmaker, FrontPage; Flash; MS Office Beta Version

Classes taken:

Java, C++,  Lotus Notes1 &2 (UCLA), Novell Netware, Unix, HTML, JavaScript

Seminars/ UserGroups

Comdex 1999 & 2000; TCP/IP; Java; 1999 CSU Abacus  Advisor


Borland C++ Builder, some Visual Basic - XML,DreamWeaver,Oracle,SQL,Unix,Dbase design,Internet Explorer;Netscape,  MS Image Composer; Paint Shop Pro, AT& T Online; Quicken; MS Acess; MS Outlook; Oracle 8 Personal Edition, HotDog Page Wizard; Acrobat Reader 3.02; Fax Programs; Dowload Wizardl; Notepad, RealPlayer, Paint, Wordpad, HomeSite.Lotus Suite, Lotus123, Word Perfect, Harvard Graphics, CuteFTP, Winzip; Windows Explorer; Azmith & SC, IRK, MindQ & Prentice Hall  Course Test Managers; NetScape  Composer


Toyota Corporation Systems Analyst Project Winner 1992. Recognition, Plaque, $500 cash award + Company Tour for- System Software Design specifications ;later to be used live programmed by my graduate project DB Designers in Hawaii; Specs coordinated HR volunteer scheduling & maintanance system of 5 networked botanical gardens for  inventory usage. This design happen to reflect similarities in Toyota's internal system specifications for the projected year.  It was said to be "visionary!".


Certified Vocational Teaching Certificate:Valid through 2000


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